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The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Quickie Chick Laurel House

Quickie Chick Laurel House's favorite beauty items

1. Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel: I have very sensitive skin. I also have stress-related eczema. Jurlique has never irritated my skin, caused acne or clogged my pores and I love the all-natural straight from the earth smells of each product. The Herbal Recovery Gel in particular is a must for me because it is light, yet nourishing, calming yet energizing. I’m obsessed!

2. Lavanila Deodorant in Vanilla Grapefruit scent: I try to use a few chemical products as possible. That includes deodorants. I have hyperhidrosis, which means that I naturally sweat a lot. I have actually tried botox in my armpits (which really helps), but I have only done it once since it’s super expensive and it only lasts for about 6 months.

People who have hyperhidrosis don’t really benefit at all from antiperspirants. They simply don’t work for me. So instead I am careful with the shirts and dresses that I wear and instead of spending time trying to fruitlessly combat the sweating, I tackle odor- deodorant. Lavanila is a healthier deodorant without all of the chemicals. Plus it smells SO good and works better than pretty much any other eco deodorant out there (believe me… I have tested them all).

3. ANSR- I’m obsessed with this DIY LED device that I swear has worked better than pimple medicine I have ever tried. More than pimples, it seems to work magic on my eczema outbreaks too. It’s a face saver.

4. Eco Nvey Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation- Despite the massive amounts of water and green tea that I drink everyday, my skin still tends to be pretty dry. So after moisturizing, I apply a tinted mineral foundation. It’s so natural that you can’t tell I’m wearing makeup. In fact, so many people have complimented me “without makeup” when I’m wearing it. It’s must.

5. Mascara- I don’t leave home, and certainly don’t travel, without black mascara- it is my beauty must. Some people are about lip gloss, others blush, I am all about mascara. My eyes are my biggest asset, so why not highlight them?! No matter horrible I feel (and swear I look), a wand of mascara instantly does magic to my face.

6. Burt’s Bees honey lip balm. I only apply it once a day, every single day, and I can not fall asleep without putting it on. Burt’s Bees honey lip balm is an absolute must. No other lip balms seem to cut it.

7. Herban Essentials Lavender Hand Towelette- it’s a natural anti-bacterial handwipe that smells amazing and can be used to clean the remote control or hotel phone, as well as give your face a freshen up on the plane.

8. Nail Polish- I always stay in the red/pink range (my mom, since as long as I can remember, has always worn red toe nail polish). The shade just evolves based on the season. Going into spring it’s getting brighter and sweeter. This season I’m loving bright “QuickieChick pink” colors, I’m also into orange-y pinks. Lately I’m obsessed with Essie Peach Daiquri and Mango Bango. And, a total departure from my normal palette, I have also been into Playdate- a light purple, and Go Overboard- a teal

9. bareMinerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen mineral powder- I love this multitasking tinted powder/spf. It’s the perfect amount of afternoon coverage and protection all in one!

10. Exfoliating Puff and Body Scrub- It’s time to scrub away last season’s dead skin cells and reveal my spring glow. Exfoliating also helps to get the blood flowing, flushing out toxins and even helping minimize the appearance of cellulite- fab for bikini season.

11. gud, the new natural line by Burt’s Bees. It’s so fresh smelling. Even just the simple foaming handwash is so fab (LOVE Orange)!

12. Weekly Refrigerator Facials- Forget the time-intensive and super expensive spa treatments. I’m all about refrigerator facials- using ingredients in your kitchen that are just as effective as expensive potions, plus they take mere minutes to work. A few simple favorites: Honey Peel, Yogurt Facial, Salsa Exfoliating Scrub.

13. nimble by Balance Bar- It’s not just what you put on your skin, but in your body. I ALWAYS have a nimble bar in my purse as a just-in-case snack. It’s a protein bar for chicks with only 120 calories and lutein- which has been shown to help support beautiful skin. I also eat what I call Bites with Benefits for beautiful skin- foods that help support the skin by helping to nourish, moisturize, keep skin clear, and fight aging, like Vitamin C-rich fruits to support collagen, and Omega 3-rich foods to keep my skin moist and glowing!


Laurel House is a fit lifestyle expert, 3x published author, personal trainer and the “QuickieChick”. No, not the late night booty call kind of quickie. Her “quickies” are all about making the most out of every moment- whether it’s a saddlebag-burning “Quickie Workout in Bed,” a metabolism-boosting “Bites with Benefits” meal, or a “Refrigerator Facial”- like a $150 spa-quality facial from a $2 tomato and lemon. Her YouTube videos have received over 6 million views and now you can get even more Quickie Tips in her new book “QuickieChick’s Cheat Sheet to Life, Love, Food, Fitness, Fashion and Finance on a Less than Fabulous Budget” (St. Martin’s, May 2012).

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