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Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance Perfume: A Rose to Love?

Juliette Has a Gun's Lady Vengeance perfume review

Many of the Juliette has a Gun fragrances are a homage to Shakespearean heroines, and this is no exception. This scent is a slightly dark and edgy rose scent that makes me think of the end of R&J, if Juliette had lived I think this would have been her scent.

Like other scents from Juliette has a Gun, they’ve broken the typical “top note, middle note, base note” mold and have just 3 (known) notes. I do think that there are likely a few other things thrown in there, but I can’t quite figure out what they are and I haven’t found anyone speculating on-line about what they are (and yes, I tried many Google searches). As well, on me this fragrance is very linear, meaning there is no dry down or changing over time. What you smell at the beginning is what you get!

Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Vanilla, Patchouli

So yes, this is mostly rose. And there is a little bit of Patchouli, but it isn’t really the 1960’s hippie patchouli, instead it is a little bit deeper and more layered. There’s a little bit of vanilla in there to keep it from being too dark and brooding, but the over all tone is definitely a little bit dark and edgy. It isn’t overwhelming, but it doesn’t fade completely in to the background either.

Now, about these pictures. I didn’t try out the regular bottle, instead I was able to play around with their “purse bullet”. Which yes, looks just like a bullet. It is about 2 inches tall and this baby is heavy duty! It screws open and you’ll find perfume oil in a roll on form inside. You even get a couple of refills. Perfect for taking with you every day or saving for travel.

You can purchase this fragrance at Sephora or Birchbox.

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