Top 10 Tuesday: The Best Gold and Silver Makeup

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Top 10 Tuesday: The Best Gold and Silver Makeup

Today for Top 10 Tuesday we’re sharing our favorite Gold and Silver makeup (and nail polish) picks! I feel like I have a lot of colors that have some gold or silver shimmer or “leaning” in them, but when I went to look for actual gold and silver… I didn’t have that much! So, you’ll have to excuse the pinky-champagne colors that I included. I made the executive decision that their gold shimmery-ness was enough to make them count. Because I love them.

Zoya Seraphina Nail Polish
1. Zoya Seraphina Nail Polish
This one was really hard to get a good picture of, primarily because the little glitter is impossible to clean off 100%. Seriously, I cleaned up my cuticle 3x. I gave up when you could still see them. (In real life this will fall off after an hour or so of wear, no biggie. Internet pics? Ugh… please don’t leave me nasty messages! I tried!)

Anyways, I love that this color is silver, white, all kinds of glowy… The shimmer is very pretty in person. It is great as a full mani or an accent nail. This is 3 super light coats to opaque.

3. Too Faced Instigator, from the Pretty Rebel palette
9. Tarte Up to No Gold, from the Rainforest After Dark palette

I thought it was easiest to swatch the two eye shadows together. These are both gold, but oh so different! Instigator is a bit more aggressively gold, I like to use it really more as a color of it’s own, especially when paired with a pretty pink (it’s great with Ringleader from the same palette).

Meanwhile, Up to No Gold is more of an accent for me right now, something that I’ll layer over other shades to add some depth and interest to my eye look. It’s also really pretty when used lightly in the inner corner of the eye.

2. Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener: It isn’t a concealer, really this is a light nude-gold highlighter that is pretty subtle. I like to mix it into other products like foundation and concealer, it works great all over the face.

4. IT Cosmetics Hello Light Illuminating Powder: This is a super pretty champagne-gold color. There’s just enough gold shimmer to catch the light, but not so much that it looks like “I’m wearing shimmer!”

Dermelect Gilded Nail Polish
5. Dermelect Gilded Nail Polish: This is a very pretty darker gold, it really foils itself. However, it is a bit bumpy, which you can see in the picture here because I only used a normal top coat. With something thicker like Seche Vite (I once again lost all of my bottles, I have about 5 and couldn’t find any of them yesterday) the bumps are gone and it looks much smoother. I love how this green looks with navy and camo green, I know I’ll be using this for a lot of accent nails this fall!

L'Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner gold and silver
6 & 7. Gold and Silver Eye Liners, L’Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner (see my full review, including info on sharpening you will want if you buy them!): These are definitely the easiest way to add a silver or gold accent to your eye this fall!

Zoya Ziv Nail Polish
8. Zoya Ziv Nail Polish: Another pretty gold polish that foils. I think this one is harder to work with than the Dermelect (see the end of my middle finger? It looks like of not quite right? It looked fine in person, but not on camera. Then I tried to fix it with a little more polish, and something just wasn’t laying right.)

I love the brightness of this gold, I want to wear it with a navy polish on Michigan Football game days (when, presumably our offense or the defense will forget to show up. That’s ok! I still went to school there, for 8 years! Go Blue!)

Zoya Bar Nail Polish
10. Zoya Bar Nail Polish: Another gold-pink tone. This is one of their Pixie Dust polishes, so they’re very versatile. Here I have 1 coat on my pink, then working my way up to 4 full coats so you can see the coverage. I like to use most of the Pixie Dusts as a fun layer over another color, but you could definitely use them on their own as well.

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