First Aid Beauty Dual Repair Review: My Final Thoughts

First Aid Beauty Dual Repair ReviewFor the past two months, I’ve been testing First Aid Beauty’s Dual Repair Line, and I confess that I’ve been itching to share my final thoughts with you!

So, this is my new favorite in between product testing anti-aging skin care. Hands down. No contest.

And I’m not the only one! I’ve been talking about it with friends like crazy outside of all my blogging stuff, and you should hear their reactions. They’re emailing, texting and Facebook messaging me to thank me for letting them know about this line. I’ve never had this happen before. Yes, they’ve bought things I’ve tested and liked before, and if I run into them they’ll casually mention it and let me know what they thought. But, I’ve never had them coming back to me en masse via all available forms of communication, because they can’t wait to share with me how much they love it!

The reason we’re all so gaga for the Dual Repair line really goes back to the First Aid Beauty philosophy of repairing your skin’s barrier function. Good Barrier Function = Happy Skin = Glowy Skin (and I like Glowy Skin). When you look into what First Aid Beauty includes in their products (but especially the Dual Repair line, check out my post on Dual Repair’s Active Ingredients), you’ll see that they’ve included a lot of moisturizers and ingredients that help to decrease inflammation, have anti-oxidant activity and peptides to help increase collagen production. What you won’t see are ingredients that irritate your skin. That tingling or redness you get after using a product? That doesn’t mean that it is working. That means it is damaging your skin!

I’ve been using all three products from the Dual Repair line (with the Face Cleanser). As the weather has gotten a little warmer, I’ve needed a little less moisture each morning, so my routine has changed a little bit. . Initally I was using all three Dual Repair products twice a day, Power Serum, Eye Cream and then Face Cream. As the weather has gotten warmer (and my heater is turned down), my skin is less dry so I’ve been able to sometimes skip the moisturizer in the am as the serum is enough moisture for my combination skin.

While using the Dual Repair line, my skin has definitely been happy and glowy. I’m not as red (I do have mild rosacea), the dryness and irritation that I usually have in the spring is non-existant this year, and it has been easier to apply makeup to my under eye area. I’ve had only 1 blemish during this period, which started well below the surface (indicating to me that it really was driven by my hormonal issues that week and not a clogged pore), and actually that’s better than my skin can be during that week.

So, while I’ll soon be moving on to other skin care products for testing, the Dual Repair is bumping other products out of my medicine cabinet. I’ll be pulling them out to help with skin issues, or to use in between other product testings. And yes, these are ones I’m going to be recommending like crazy!

First Aid Beauty
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  1. April 25, 2013 / 10:45 pm

    Great review but I'm curious as to when you'd add sunscreen to this routine? After the serum?

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