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Anti-Aging Tips for Every Age from Dr. Patricia Wexler!

Dr Wexler Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

patricia wexlerI can not even begin to tell you how exciting it is to have tips straight from Dr. Patricia Wexler appear in 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic.

Dr. Patricia Wexler has appeared in pretty much every beauty magazine available in the US, hardly a month goes by without a quote from her in my beauty bible, Allure. She’s even developed her own skin care line (available nationwide at Bath and Body Works with revolutionary ingredients like MMPi’s (they stop skin from being broken down basically). She’s a huge proponent of sun screen, and I really think of her all covered up on the beach (as in this NY Times article) when I pick out my sunscreen for vacations (this prompts me to buy SPF 70 instead of SPF 30, not to mention my tunic cover-up).

Anti-Aging for Your 20s

In our 20’s, sun exposure may have already caused freckling, pigmentation and fine lines most obviously around the eyes.
• Tip: A good skincare regimen including daily exfoliation and moisturizing with an SPF of 30 will ensure youthful skin and thwart wrinkles from developing.

To gently exfoliate try a Clarisonic or incorporate a product like Kate Somerville Exfolikate into your routine.

Include a full spectrum facial sunscreen in your daily morning routine.

• Tip: Use at least one anti-aging product to prevent further damage to collagen and elastic tissue.
Try: Incorporate a gentle, all in one product such as Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Anti-Aging for Your 30s

In our 30’s, etched lines become more exaggerated especially around the eyes, and forehead. Stress and hormone manipulation may require adult acne relief. Men are particularly prone to follculitius of the beard, which can be treated with topical salicylic acid, exfoliation, and topical antibiotics.

• Tip: Wear large sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection to protect the delicate eye area. Check out the favorite eye creams of dermatologists.

• Tip: Use anti-acne but not drying solutions. It is vital to incorporate your acne regimen into your anti-aging routine. Try a cleanser with salicylic acid such as Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser

Anti-Aging for Your 40s

In our 40’s, lines previously only seen with movement become visible at rest.

• Tip: Use products that contain peptides for immediate relaxation of lines while promoting long term collagen and elastic stimulation. In addition, line fillers containing dermaxyl and polysilicone will give immediate improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

• Tip: Pigmentation and dull sun damaged skin can be treated with glycolic peels, micro dermabrasion, and skin brightening moisturizers with peptides like Haloxyl and botanical brighteners.

Anti-Aging Skincare Guide
Check out more anti-aging skincare information and reviews in my guide!

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  2. 3.28.18
    SageWisdom said:

    Great tips, though it wasn’t mentioned how much SPF is recommended for people in the 30’s? Is it still 30? I’m always out in the sun so I need the right SPF to protect me for my age

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      15mins said:

      It is 30 for everyone