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Bioelements Review: Decongestant Cleanser

Bioelements Decongestant Cleanser

Everyone needs a good cleanser. You need one that cleans off all of your makeup, doesn’t irritate your skin or over dry your skin resulting in after wash dryness. Bioelements Decongestant Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that is specifically targeted at those with oily to very oily skin.

This cleanser is gentle, rinsing off easily, causing me no irritation, no after wash tightness. Note that the main surfactant is SLS though, which in some people with sensitive skin can be too strong. Personally, I find Decongestant Cleanser gentle enough that I can even use it to remove my eye makeup!

Ingredients (refer to the cleanser post):
Sodium Laureth Sulfate: Surfactant
Cocamidopropyl Betain: Humectant
Lauramide DEA: Surfactant
Sodium Chloride: binding agent, table salt
Lavendula Angustifalia (Lavender) Oil: Anti-bacterial agent
Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil: Anti-oxidant
Salvia Sclarea (Clary Sage) Oil: Anti-Oxidant
Citrus Aurantium (petit grain cordillera) Oil: Fragrance, thought to improve redness
Citrus Aurantium (neroli) Oil: Fragrance, thought to improve redness
Lavendula Hybrida (Lavandin) Oil: fragrance
Panax Ginseng (Ginseng) Root Extract: I can find no known benefit to the skin, though Bioelements calls Gingseng a skin strengthener
Rhus Globra (Sumac) Extract: I can find no known benefit to the skin
Centella Asiatica (Gatu Kola) Extract: antioxidant
Angelica Polymorpha Sinesis (dong quail) Root Extract
Nasturtium Officianle (Watercress) Extract: anti-oxidant
Propylene Glycol: emollient
Diazolidinyl Urea: anti-bacterial preservative
Methylparaben: preservative
Propylparaben: preservative

You can buy Decongestant Cleanser at Amazon or Dermstore

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  1. 6.2.08
    Anonymous said:

    I am shopping for a new cleanser and I am interested in this one. 1. Is is a gel? and 2. Does it lather? I need for it to work well with my Clarisonic face brush. Thanks and I love your blog!

  2. 6.3.08
    GirlyGirl said:

    Thank you for this review!! My current face wash is just “okay”, so I’ve been shopping around. This one sounds fantastic, but it’s funny, I had the same exact questions as Anonymous above me! I have a Clarisonic brush and really need a cleanser that foams and has good “slippage”.

  3. 6.3.08
    Christine said:

    I guess I’d say it’s a gel, but it’s a bit looser than that. It comes out of the pump pretty easily, so it is pretty liquid in consistency. There is a light lather, but not a LOT of lather, if that helps. I think it does have good slippage compared to some of the others that I’ve used.

    When I bought mine at the spa they did have a lot of little sample packets of the different Bioelements products, I think it’s worth checking for a location near you that has the samples and trying it out before buying.

    Hope that helps!

  4. 6.3.08
    Roselyn said:

    You’ve been tagged! See my blog for details!

  5. 6.3.08

    I use the Bioelements Decongestant Cleanser with my Clarisonic skin Care Brush that I also purchased at TotalWoman Gym and Atmosphere Day Spa. The Decongestant Cleanser works perfectly with the my Clarisonic it has great slippage and it foams up nicely! MY skin has never looked better!!

  6. 1.6.10
    PaoPrinciple said:

    These are great beauty tips and products! Thank you!!

  7. 1.6.10

    These are great products! Thanks for all your tips 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic!!!