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4 Quick and Easy Younger Makeup Tips

Makeup tips to look younger

Today, I have a new post up over on SheKnows: 6 Things to do for younger looking skin in 30 days or less. It goes over a lot of basic anti-aging skincare, definitely check it out!

If you’re going to target your skincare routine, make sure you’re following these anti-aging makeup tips as well!

1. Go for Lighter Coverage
If your skin is less than perfect, it is easy to just gradually increase the coverage you get with your foundation over time. Yes, those age spots will be covered, but what happens in the mean time? All of the foundation covering your skin will also settle into your fine lines and wrinkles. You will look older. That isn’t the goal.

The goal is a more even skin tone. And you actually need a lot less coverage than you think to get there! Use a lighter weight foundation, such as one of the newer serum foundations or a BB/C C Cream. If you have any blemishes or areas of hyperpigmentation that are an issue after application, apply a small amount of concealer only to the trouble spots.

2. Fill In Your Brows
It is one of life’s great ironies. In our teens, most of us will tweeze our eye brows until they are barely recognizable as brows. As an adult you regret that decision, especially since brows tend to thin as you age. Have you ever looked at the brows of your grandmother? Chances are they look nothing like her brows did 30 or 40 years ago. They are much thinner and lighter.

You can counteract this by filling in your brows. You don’t want to overdo it, brows that are too dark and harsh will also age you, but filling in sparse areas can go a long way to helping you look younger! If you have light brows, go a bit darker. If you have dark brows, go a bit lighter in tone, and never use black. Look for a color that is a bit ashy as the color will usually look a bit warmer once you’ve applied it.

3. Go For the Glow: Cream Blush
Chances are you’ve been using a lot of powder products in your makeup. Sometimes, it’s time for a change in formulation to change things up! I recommend trying out a cream blush. They are easy to blend, less likely to settle into fine lines and wrinkles and can offer up a very pretty, soft glow. When choosing a color, go for something bright and colorful, and then use a very light layer. The soft glow of a very light layer of bright pink is very pretty!

4. Wear a Lip Color
As we age, our lips lose volume and almost seem to shrink. In an effort to not call attention to them, many women start skipping their lipstick. This is a mistake! Not wearing a lippie can really wash out your face. You might want to avoid a very dark color, which makes lips look smaller, but even a neutral color just a few shades darker than your natural lip color will add some brightness to your face.

Anti-Aging Skincare Guide
Check out more anti-aging skincare information and reviews in my guide!

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