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Starz The White Queen
Have you seen the new television mini-series, The White Queen? It started airing on August 10th here in the US, though it’s already almost completed in the UK. As usual, this amazing series was created by the people over at the BBC. It’s based on the books by Philippa Gregory, mostly The White Queen, but also The Red Queen and The Kingmaker’s Daughter.

I watched Episode 1 this weekend on my DVR, counted down the hours until episode 2 aired (it was less than 6 but I was not very patient) and now I’m debating about buying the DVD series from Amazon and probably all three books. I can tell you that watching Rebecca Ferguson play Elizabeth is definitely making the wait for the next season of Downton Abbey a bit easier!

Get the Look of Rebecca Ferguson in The White Queen on the BBC and Starz
One of the reasons that the series is so enjoyable is definitely watching Rebecca Ferguson. To say that she’s beautiful seems to be an understatement. She’s wearing very little makeup in the series, but what she does have seems to only emphasize her amazing skin and features. Not to mention her hair…. it really makes me regret my recent Bob (which I’m still getting used to), and wishing for about 3 feet of very voluminous extensions. It’s almost enough to make a girl give up her giant makeup stash and recreate Rebecca’s look every day.

I’ll definitely be trying to emulate this no makeup but natural look on a few of my “down” days, here’s what I think would work best to do it.

The hair on The White QueenI couldn’t find any images of Rebecca’s hair at the beginning of episode one, but she has very long blonde hair with a bit of strawberry tint. Her hair is pulled back off of her face with small braids, and then tied (with what appears to be cords the same color as her hair, here I have 2 different Faux Leather Suede Necklace Cords, I’d use something similar in a color that blends in to your hair).

I’d recommend starting with Redken’s Guts 10 to help add texture, volume and to hold the style. It’s a spray that comes out as a white foam. I love it on my roots to add a little volume without teasing. Add it to wet hair, comb through and then blow dry. You need volume and texture, so don’t worry about making things perfect here!

Once the hair is dry, it is crimped (yes, with a 1980’s crimper) to add extra texture and volume (in case you didn’t save your crimper from 30 years ago, they’re selling them again! Bed Head Crimper). Once you have enough volume and texture, it’s really a matter of playing around with how you want to pull back your hair. Add in small braids, twist sections, just make sure you have some volume and it falls nicely around your face.

Makeup from The White Queen
Elizabeth’s beauty is a real feature in the series, and they’ve tried to keep it fairly natural. Rebecca has amazing skin with freckles, and I love that they are really show cased. She is fair but her skin is a little bit sunkissed, to recreate this look I would use a light concealer like Maybelline’s DreamLumi Touch, which has a bit of light diffusion in it as well. To get a light sunkissed look without looking powdery, try Stila’s One Step Bronze, concentrating on places that the sun would hit you like your cheek bones, forehead, chin and nose.

Elizabeth has a very pretty flush, I would try a cream blush like Maybelline Bouncy Blush (Peach Satin) or Stila Convertible color (in Gerbera). Try to stay in the pinky-peach family, and concentrate the color on the apples of your cheeks. Pair it with a similar tone on your lips, a lip stain like Stila Yumberry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain would be a good match.

There was minimal makeup on Rebecca’s eyes, but when she did have on shadow it appeared to be a very light wash of a matte light grey or a light brown-taupe. Try Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe, Stila Smudge Pot in Gray or NARS Soft Touch Pencil in Goddess.

When she had on mascara it was on uncurled lashes, dark brown rather than black, and not a clump was in sight! I’d try CoverGirl’s Clump Crusher mascara, which is formulated differently than other mascaras and has a specific distance between bristles to help prevent clumping.

Finally, a slightly defined eye brow was key to the look. I’d go for IT Cosmetics Your Brows But Better Brow Power Skinny Pencil, which has a slightly ashy tone and works with almost all hair colors.

Have you seen The White Queen? Am I the only one obsessing over this mini-series?

Rebecca Ferguson in The White Queen



  1. August 22, 2013 / 12:19 am

    I've never heard of this series until now…but I'm intrigued! Maybe this can be my new show to watch while waiting for Downtown Abbey too! There are some stellar reviews for this. šŸ˜€

  2. August 22, 2013 / 7:24 am

    I have watched the TV series here in the UK. I really recommend this to anybody but especially people that love English royalty or history in general. My husband and I have made this like our little date night on Sundays. Can't wait for the finale.

  3. October 22, 2013 / 9:26 pm

    "The Lady of the Rivers" (about Elizabeth's mother) and "The White Princess" (about Princess Elizabeth) are also part of the same series. I'm obsessed!

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