MoroccanOil Styling Gel Review: The Secret to Overnight Curls

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MoroccanOil Styling Gel Review: The Secret to Overnight Curls

Recently I posted about some overnight curlers that I had been loving, The Sleep Styler. I've still been changing up how I use them, but my results have gotten better and better!

I've added in a second set of curlers, but not the full extra 8 rollers. I now use 11 curlers for my hair because it is super thick, the slightly smaller sections have made a huge difference in how my hair looks. As well, I can put them in my hair when it is a bit wetter, since my hair is more likely to dry completely. Starting with wetter hair means longer lasting curls.

I'll be updating my original curler review to give more tips also, but I needed to review this gel. Because I've found that my usual hair prep with mousse for holding curls (which is what I use when I'm using a curling iron) doesn't work so well with overnight, no heat curls. Instead, what I need is a hair gel. Yes, just like back in the 1980s. But, I don't want wet looking, crunchy hair. I want hair that is soft and touchable, but just happens to hold the curl for days. Yes, days!

After trying out a few unnamed hair gels, I found this one from MoroccanOil! It is clear, doesn't have much scent and doesn't feel sticky. I've been combing about a grape sized amount through my damp hair with a smoothing cream, then I lightly dry my roots, and put my slightly damp hair in the rollers.

I'm using the medium hold version of the gel, which is surprisingly difficult to find online! It has just the right amount of hold for my curls to be touchable and last for 2 full days. I'll likely bump up to the strong version when I run out, I'm hoping for a full 3 days of curls.

You can find the medium and strong hold at (medium and strong), but the strong hold is also available at BlueMercury and Nordstrom. I found my tube in person at my local BlueMercury!

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Unknown said...

Hi! I ordered the Sleep Styler curlers when you first reviewed them, but we're in a "study", so was told in explanation that I'd have to wait. Can you tell me where you purchased them from, as I followed the link you had,because you said you might get another set. Waiting for them...Thank you!

Christine said...

I fixed the link when they had their store go up, they're no longer in the Kickstarter Beta thing. Just head over to their website, the store link is at the top.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Christine. Just got back into town! You're the best!!

Sakura Vietnam said...

I must to try this gel, I used to put my damp hair in rollers with another gel to curl but it lasts for a day and very sticky

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