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T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set Review

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set Review

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I have a slight issue with curling my hair. Meaning, I’m completely obsessed. As a straight haired girl, I want what I do not have, and that is curly hair. I covet it, I will spend time to get it, I want to use no heat curlers, I own a huge number of curling appliances, and about 4 sets of hot rollers. Most of my favorite curling irons, and my fave blow dryer, are all from T3. And a few months ago I got an email from their website that the T3 hot rollers, which I’ve coveted for what feels like forever, were on sale. I pounced!

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set Review

The set comes with 8 rollers, 4 are 1.5″, 4 1.75″, so quite a bit larger than all of my other roller sets. The rollers have Tourmaline in them, and they are covered in velvet. They come with a plastic heating base, inside of a bag for easy transportation. The cord is separate, you just plug that into the back. There is little net pocket in the top of the bag to hold on to the butterfly clips (which, fyi, are very strong and are by far the best butterfly clips I’ve ever had for rollers), but I’ve found it’s time consuming to put them in their spot. I just keep the butterfly clips in a basket in my vanity, I leave all of my roller clips together in there so I can just grab what I want easily while I’m curling.

The curlers heat up to 250 in about 3 minutes. I don’t think they feel too hot when I use them, great because I’m great at burning my fingers! I did buy a few extra rollers, but haven’t used them yet. My plan is to heat them while rolling with the first rollers, in case I need more.

The rollers are pretty large, so rather than really curling my hair they instead make it look like I’ve taken the time to really blow out my hair with a round brush. I’ve found that it works best to lift up a section of hair, put the roller about 4-5 inches from my roots, then I roll the end of the hair around the curler and finally roll up to the root. I like to spray the root (which is now sticking up into the roller) with some hair spray like Redken Quick Tease.

Overall, I do like these rollers. I’m not certain that the results are any better than other rollers that I’ve used in the past, but I do really like that I can buy more rollers, that the butterfly clips are super strong (I do have issues with my Redken rollers falling out because the clips they came with aren’t great, I actually double up on the clips with those rollers and add in some T3 and Conair clips), and the clips also don’t leave any marks on my hair. It has been hard to find a set of very large curlers like this to fake a blow out with more then 6 curlers.

I would love it if T3 made additional sets of curlers, in particular one with curlers that are longer, so better for very long hair if you want long, beachy curls.

You can find the updated version of these rollers at Sephora
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  1. 3.15.18
    Sarah said:

    I always see that you want longer hot rollers (I’m researching hot rollers and other tools before I use my Ulta 20% off coupon and found your blog!). My hair is not nearly the length that I want, but I delusionally purchased some Calista Hot Rollers that are very long. My hair would probably need to touch my bra hooks to use them and my hair just goes past my shoulders.
    I also bought them when my hair didn’t even graze my shoulders, plus they have teeth on them. I bought them thinking that I could get actual curls, like when I was taking a 1 inch barrel to my entire lob before I grew it out.
    I am not sure they are even being made anymore, but they sound like what you want. (They are teal.) I wish I could just give them to you! I am cleaning out the house since we are moving and I don’t see any point in holding onto them until my hair is that long, unless I get non-clip in extensions. I have so many hot roller sets, overnight rollers, and assorted things that just didn’t do their jobs or I didn’t use.

    • 3.15.18
      15mins said:

      So, I’ve actually tried the Calista ones! I had their rollers and some heated brush thing. Neither of them would turn on. No heat at all. I returned them. I also bought a set of really long ones from Revlon and those work pretty well, but I admit I don’t use them often because they are so incredibly heavy, I feel like they’re pulling out my hair! LOL I’m hoping someone else comes out with something. My hair is halfway between my shoulders and bra strap and I’m growing it out longer now, so hopefully someone will make some (Conair makes my favorite rollers, I have my fingers crossed!)

  2. 3.17.21
    Shannon said:

    I love these rollers too but they have a warning on them not to use during pregnancy. I have to put them on the shelf when pregnant. Should flag for that! But perfect for quick mom hair after pregnancy.

    • 3.17.21
      Christine said:

      They’re fine for use during pregnancy.