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YSL Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow Review

YSL Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow Review

If your skin is dry, you need to prepare yourself for a J Lo level of glow. Really, that super moisturized, glowy but not oily skin? That level of hydration has always been hard for me to get. Previously, my skin was a tad too oily in my t-zone, and over the last year or two I’ve become drier. I can moisturize all I want, but that glow? It’s almost impossible to get that just right level of glow.

Until I tried this stuff.

The YSL Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow is interesting. It’s meant to be a primer for over your skincare. It has a silicone based with glycerin, but feels suprisingly light. It has a light pink color, which goes away completely when applied to your skin. It really feels more like a dry gel, almost like aloe vera. Since it has still been pretty warm out, I’ve been applying this to my skin right after sunscreen, without another moisturizer, and I give it about 5 minutes or so to really sink into my skin before I add any makeup over the top.

Once the Instant Moisture Glow has sunk into my skin, my skin is pretty smooth and well prepped for foundation. Foundation that I apply over it applies smoothly, similar to other silicone based primers.

Apparently there is some blurring action and it can make your skin looks better, I have to be honest and say I don’t see much difference with just this alone. Perhaps if I was 20 and had very few imperfections this would make a big difference for my skin. Alas, I am now 39, and while my skin looks pretty decent for my age, it is not the skin of a 20 year old. So, mostly this smooths out my pores a bit.

The difference really is in how well moisturized my skin is! Currently, it’s enough moisture for my slightly dry (though with a sometimes shiny t-zone) face, but I know I can add some moisturizer into the mix as the weather gets cooler and my skin gets drier. It makes the biggest difference on my difficult to hydrate areas, the spots that seem to always be dry and flaky (and therefore look horrible under makeup). Currently that is my chin, but sometimes there are a few spots on my forehead as well.

If I want to really glow, I can add a little bit more of the Instant Moisture Glow over my makeup. It really does add a subtle (and non-sparkly) glow to my skin. It lasts all day long!

You can buy it at Sephora
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