My Newest Makeup Remover Obsession: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup

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IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup Remover Review

I’m one of those girls that loves to use new makeup removers. I have about 4 different eye makeup removers on my counter right now. I’m not even exaggerating. It is one of those things that I just love to try a new one each time, and I very rarely buy these products more than once. They need to really WOW me for a repurchase, and that happens maybe every 3-4 years.

Recently IT Cosmetics sent me their new Bye Bye Makeup, and I have to tell you that I’m not only planning to repurchase, but I’ll likely be hoarding large quantities of this cleanser in my bathroom!

It comes in a large plastic jar, and it looks like a solid balm when you first open it. It is a waxy/oily consistency, and it very easily melts with just the heat from your fingers, it kind of feels like coconut oil, but not as greasy. You spread this on to your dry skin, all over. I even apply it to my eyes, paying special attention to my eyelashes. Just rub it around and you will be amazed at what happens!

Almost immediately, even the most stubborn of waterproof eye makeup will immediately dissolve. It removes all makeup. Just with my fingertips! And it smells like some sort of fruity tropical smoothie that I want to eat. Amazing!

It rinses off easily with just water, though I do think it leaves behind a little residue. The residue is hydrating, and I think leaves my face very glowy and hydrated but doesn’t interfere with applying skin care for the rest of the night.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Collection TSV on QVC

Bye Bye Makeup is new, and it is part of today’s QVC TSV, Bye Bye Breakthroughs Collection!

It’s a great deal, here’s what you get:
• Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Full Coverage Anti-Aging Concealer: This is a new version of one of my favorite full coverage concealers. It has a little light illuminating shimmer added. No fear, it doesn’t look like you have glitter under your eyes, I actually can’t see the shimmer illumination at all, but it definitely does diffuse light more than the “plain” version. I’ll be posting a full review soon, but I love this!

• Bye Bye Pores Blush Poreless Finish Airbrush Brightening Blush in Naturally Pretty, a nude pink shade: Very finely milled, this works for pretty much everyone.

• Bye Bye Pores Pressed Silk Airbrush Poreless Finishing Powder: Very fine pressed powder, it keeps my combination skin matte all day.

• Heavenly Skin Bye Bye Pores Powder Brush: Perfect to use with the powder, IT Cosmetics makes the best brushes every! It is super soft, flexes just the right amount and is great for applying and then buffing the powder on to your skin.

• Bye Bye Makeup 3-in-1 Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

You can get the Bye Bye Breakthroughs Collection TSV here

Product Sent for Review


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  1. Tabitha1950
    August 7, 2017 / 10:46 am

    Oh wow I did not know IT Cosmetics has a cleansing balm! I love their Bye Bye collection especially bye bye under eye and bye bye pores from b-glowing.

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