Softer In One Shower? Putting Dove Body Wash To The Test

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Softer In One Shower?  Putting Dove Body Wash To The Test

I’ve used (and liked) Dove Body Wash in the past. It is gentle but gets my skin clean, it is hydrating and in general works great for me. So when I found out that they updated the formula, I wasn’t sure what to think. It turns out that all they did was make it better! They’ve added a little more of the cleanser ingredients, and it is just as moisturizing as it was before. I love that there is a nice lather as well, and everything rinses off easily. The differences are subtle but there, I can definitely recommend the new formula!

Dove is claiming that after just one shower you will have smoother, softer skin! And yes, after my shower my skin was definitely softer than before my shower.

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You can get a sample of Dove’s new Body Wash to try for yourself! Just watch Dove Beauty Expert Jeannine Morris’s tips on how to show off beautiful skin and receive a free sample of new Dove Body Wash here.

Dove also has a great giveaway for 15 Minute Beauty readers! There are 5 Dove Prize Packs up for grabs, each has the body wash, deodorant, a loofah and a gift card! Open to those over 18 years old and in the US.

Dove Body Wash – 15 Minute Beauty

Watch Jeannine’s Tips Here!
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