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Stock Up on these: Simple Skincare Micellar Wipes

Best makeup removal wipes

I’ve written about makeup wipes in the past. They’re a quick and easy way to remove (most) of your makeup for those times that you’re feeling too sleepy to do the whole routine before bed. Or for targeted makeup removal, like that mascara you just somehow got all over your lower lash line. (I’m not speaking from personal experience here at all…)

Anyways, so I’ve written about wipes before. I keep some in my bathroom, near where I take pictures for the blog (easy makeup removal after swatching on my arm), and even in my nightstand. I’ve tried a lot of different wipes over the years, some are better than others. Some remove almost nothing, so I wonder why I bothered. Some remove almost everything, but I hate the smell. Or, they leave behind a strange residue that I’m not a fan of. There have also been reports of irritation and allergic reactions associated with the wipes. Which really only makes sense, they’re leaving behind a fine film of product and there’s always someone out there that would be irritated/allergic to pretty much any ingredient.

So yeah. There are makeup wipes. Some are ok, some aren’t. But while there were a few I’d recommend every now and then, I pretty much only used them if I had to use a wipe. And the feeling of that residue? Thinking about it was enough to push me to do my full makeup removal and skincare application routine when I was tired. So, that’s good.

This year, Simple Skincare released a Micellar Water. Which is basically water with a few added ingredients, and apparently it cleans off all of your makeup without problems. Micellar Waters are popular in Europe, but until this product release it was very difficult to get a Micellar Water in the US. (Simple actually sent me a sample of that product, it’s still sitting in my product cabinet, I haven’t tried it yet.)

Best makeup removal wipes

A few months later, as a follow up to the water that did so well, they released Micellar Wipes. They sent me 2 packs, and I think I’ve bought about 6 or 7 packs since that time. Because these are amaaaazing. Yes.

If you need to use a makeup wipe, you want these ones.

They do remove all of my face makeup without an issue. They have a rough time with eyeliner and mascara, but let’s face it, even my eye makeup remover has a rough time getting that all off sometimes. What makes these wipes so great is that while my hands do have product on them, it really does feel like it is just water. I’m wetter than with other wipes, but it dries within 20 seconds or so and there is absolutely no residue left behind. I love that!

I’ve been using Micellar Wipes mostly at my vanity and when taking pictures for the blog. At my vanity, I’ll use them to clean up any little makeup mistakes and to wipe off my fingers in between steps. I wipe off my arms after swatching in my office and it removes everything pretty much without any problems (except for goopy liquid lipsticks). And I’ll use them to remove my foundation/concealer in the late afternoon if I want to refresh that bit of my makeup without touching my eyes.

The only complaint that I have about these wipes is that they’re frequently out of stock near me, so I’ll buy 2 or 3 packs when I see them now. And I have them sitting in my Amazon cart right now.

Yes, buy them in bulk!

January 2018 Update: I’m still obsessed. We recently changed our schedules at work so we’re spending the night in the hospital instead of taking call at home. I currently have 3 packs of Micellar Wipes in my desk drawer. Because they are my favorite!

You can buy these wipes at Amazon.com, Target.com or Asos.

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  1. 6.13.22
    Dominique said:

    Hi! Are these Micellar wipes or the Burt Bees (or even another brand) safe for pregnancy? I currently use the Ursa Major ones, but I saw on your site that they’re no ideal given willow bark is an ingredient. Thank you!!