Living in my Pocket: Nivea’s A Kiss of Vitamin Swirl

Nivea's A Kiss of Vitamin Swirl review

Have you noticed that I’m a lippie addict? I’m constantly surrounded by lip balms, glosses, lip sticks…. it’s a bit of an issue. I have so many that it is notable when I am obsessing over one in particular. This Nivea lip balm has been in my pocket constantly since getting it a few weeks ago. I seek it out and I won’t leave my vanity area until I know I have it!

It isn’t sticky, has a light fruity scent/taste and while it is largely translucent it does have a very light pink/rosy tone. Mostly it just feels really hydrating, perfect for recovering from the winter! My 14 month old even loves it. It’s insanely cute when she sees me applying it and runs over to pout out her lips so she can have lip balm too. This is the one I let her use.



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  1. April 4, 2012 / 3:25 am

    This sound like a good lip product to try.

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