Borghese Shampoo and Conditioner Review: Super Hydration in an Everyday Hair Duo

Review of Borghese Shampoo and Conditioner

I have somewhat dry hair, likely my own fault as I like to color it and subject it to heated styling a few times a week. So, when a new hydrating shampoo and conditioner set from Borghese showed up on my doorstep, you know it went right in my shower.

This duo has a light perfumed scent that I liked, but it quickly dissipates once rinsed out. The shampoo has a nice lather and rinses out easily, while the conditioner is definitely creamy and a bit thicker. I did find it a bit hard to get out of the bottle due to the thickness, but it wasn’t horrible. It rinsed out well also.

I’ve been testing this set for quite a while now, because it’s actually taken me a while to figure out how it works best for me. Why? Because this stuff is crazy super hydrating.

Yup. It’s the most hydrating “everyday” shampoo and conditioner duo that I’ve ever used. It’s taken me a while to figure out how much I should use lest I weigh down my hair and lose all volume. For me, with my slightly dry hair, I need about 1 1/2 quarter sized amounts of shampoo (which isn’t much for me, I have a lot of hair), and then about 1/2 that amount of conditioner. The conditioner needs to be kept to the distal 1/3 of my hair shaft, any higher and I’ll lose volume. The conditioner stays in my hair about 2 minutes. When rinsing out the conditioner, I do bring the ends up and scrunch so very watery conditioner coats the rest of my hair (and then quickly gets rinsed out), that seems to be enough for that bit of hair. I can use this duo about 2x a week.

Using this duo is almost like doing a deep conditioning treatment for me. My hair is definitely softer and looks healthier after using it, and once I found the correct balance for me I did still have good volume. It’s going to stay in my shower for a while!

Voluming Hair Gel
I also tried out the Voluming Hair Gel, and I’ve been sneaking it in to my routine here and there. I admit that I’m not entirely certain how a gel can be volumizing, but it definitely gets the job done with good hold and doesn’t turn crunchy. When using it on my hair for Beachwaver days it holds those curls all day long and never feels sticky or heavy. (I guess that’s how it is volumizing? It is so light weight it doesn’t pull stuff down?) Borghese says that it has “superior humidity resistance”, but I’ve only tried it mid-shaft and below, so I haven’t really tested it for that.

I’m throwing this one into my “keep” drawer for hair styling products, which is a pretty rare occurrence. If you need some serious hold but don’t want to feel like you have heavy and sticky gel in your hair this is worth picking up.



Volumizing Gel

The line is available at retailers nationwide such as CVS/Pharmacy, Walgreen’s, and Duane Reade.


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