Benefit They're Real Mascara Review: Does it Live Up To the Hype?

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review, before and after
I don't usually care too much about the writing on my mascara's package. But, this one seemed to come with more than the usual number of promises. Combined with the name, some hype from old Makeup Alley friends... and yeah... to say I had high expectations for this mascara is a bit of an understatement. Long wearing, dramatic volume, length and curl. Pretty much sounds like a dream mascara, right?

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review, before and after
Is that what I got?

Well, it's pretty good. I had a bit of an issue with clumping, but that seems to be par for the course these days. A little help from a lash comb and those issues are solved. (Reminder: I don't use the lash comb when taking pics since about 99% of people skip that step. Here you can see things look a little clumpy, but it actually isn't too bad.)

I thought there was good length and volume, though the results weren't quite as long lasting as I had hoped. I've just double checked the times on my before and after pics, and that's only 10 hours. (I usually have about 12-14 hours for those pics, I think I was distracted by my daughter and got a super late start that day.) 10 hours and things are already starting to droop a bit...

So, yes, the results look good, but have a lash comb ready and don't expect all day results. I'd be fine with using this mascara for a night out, but not so much for a full day at work.

Benefit Cosmetics


  1. im actually reviewing this mascara soon!
    did you feel that it worked amazing the first three times, and then not so much?
    thats what happen to me

  2. I didn't really ever think that it was amazing for me, I think because of the clumps? Those have been an issue for me, and that's just gotten worse. I wonder if it is drying out or something? I should note that I do have more clumping issues since using Revitalash. My newly lengthened lashes seem to be pretty clumpy prone.

  3. Looks like it's a good mascara, but not as great as it claims.


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