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Boots No7 Advanced Renewal Glycolic Peel: Glycolic At Home Peel Review

Boots No 7 At Home Glycolic Acid Peel review

Yes, yes, yes. Many of us are afraid of using a peel. I could show that same old picture of Samantha post-peel and wearing a hat with a veil. Because her face is a mess. But really, it’s been done. I mean, I think I’ve shown that pic at least 2 or 3 times here, who knows how many times other bloggers have done the same thing?

The Boots No7 Advanced Renewal Glycolic Peel Kit isn’t that peel. This peel is the one I recommended to my mother in law over the phone last week. She likes beauty products, but she needs gentle and effective. This is that peel.

The No7 Advanced Renewal Glycolic Peel is very easy to use. Put a few pumps of peel into that little clear petri dish thing, and then use the brush to apply a very thin layer on your clean face. Be sure to avoid sensitive/thin skin areas like your eyes, lips and nostrils. The brush bristles can stick together a bit strangely, I found it helps to use your fingers to push them together on the sides, basically making the brush thinner. Wait 5 minutes, then wipe one of the pads on your face to neutralize and wash.

The results are definitely worth it! My skin was smoother and glowing. I’ve used it a few times a week over the last 2 weeks and my skin is clearer with smaller pores. I have had absolutely no issues with redness, irritation or any reaction to the peel. The kit costs $25 and has enough for 24 treatments. Twice a week for 4 weeks a course, and then 3 courses of treatment. That’s about $1.04 a treatment. Not bad at all!

One note, as with any exfoliation, a peel will make your face more sensitive to the sun. Please be sure to wear sunscreen, at least SPF 15 (though 30 would be better) while using this product. As well, if you have a skin condition such as rosacea talk with your doctor before using this kit.

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  1. 4.3.12
    Anonymous said:

    I am curious if you think there would be any issues if someone uses Retin-A and then tried this peel?

  2. 4.3.12
    Christine said:

    I think it really depends on the person. Both can be irritating and cause problems with redness/irritation, but depending on your skin and the Retin A product that you're using it might not affect you at all. In addition, both products cause increased sensitivity to the sun.

    In general the recommendation is to stop using the Retin A for a period of time (I think a week) before using something like this. I think you could probably play with that timing a little bit and see what your skin tolerates over time. Also, make sure you're using a broad spectrum SPF with at least 30 every day!

  3. 4.3.12
    Jill said:

    Thanks, Christine! I can't wait to try this.

  4. 4.4.12
    Anonymous said:

    Thank you Christine! I'll give this a whirl – I'm always up for trying something new and I'm always happy when I take your beauty advice.

    Beth in MN

  5. 4.4.12

    This product looks really nice! I haven't used an at-home peel in quite a while. Your results sound just like what I am looking for!

  6. 6.8.12

    It sounds like a nice peeling product. However, I wonder if that would be good for those who recently had an acne scar reduction like me? I better consult my dermatologist first but then thanks for sharing this wonderful product.

  7. 7.11.20
    Michelle Spencer said:

    Can you use on eyelid for xanathesma.

    • 7.11.20
      Christine said:

      No, I would strongly recommend not doing that.