Milani Runway Lashes Review: Still Debating

Milani Runway Lashes Review

I have to admit that I’m still undecided about this mascara. Yes, it adds volume. Milani claims that it is long lasting (yup), smear-proof (that too), but non-clumping. This is my issue, since for me this mascara really was clump-city.

After applying, I had to spend quite a bit of time using my lash brush pulling things apart. Note, I skip that step on picture days since about 99.99% of women don’t do this. I try to show how it will work for you. So, here are some clumps! This was actually a somewhat clump free day.

BUT…. once the clumps were gone, I did like this mascara. It adds some volume. It adds some length. It keeps the curl pretty much all day, about the 12 hour mark (this pic was at 14 hours) things do start to disappear. Until then, it looks pretty much the same as right after application. I’m just not too sure about the time I spent to keep things clump free. If you figure out the trick, let me know!



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