MAC Quite Cute Blushes

MAC Quite Cute Blushes, review, swatches
While the same size as a normal MAC blush, these new blushes from the Quite Cute collection are a bit different. They have the cute heart in the center, which you can see below really only adds a little depth to the blush, doesn’t really change the overall color too much. As well, since these are mineralize blushes rather than plain blushes, they seem to be the baked powders that need less powder per use and last longer.

Giggly: Light pink with pearly plum heart
Sakura: Lavender with pearly magenta heart

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In these swatches, #1 and #4 are the main color and the heart mixed together, #2 and #5 is the main color and #3 and #6 are the colors of the hearts alone. You can see that they blend together well and despite being purple in the pan there is a lot of pink there.



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