Less Volume? Coy Hair Products to the Rescue

Coy Build Shampoo and Conditioner, review, thickening
We all want hair that has volume, shine and is easy to style. Since my hair is doing the typical post-partum thing and slowly shedding itself, that volume bit has become particularly important, so I was excited to try out Coy’s Build Shampoo & Conditioner.

The cool thing about this product is that it promises to create volume without the build up typical of most volumizing shampoos. Have you noticed that annoying buildup? Basically, they coat the outside of your hair shaft with something (proteins, waxes, etc), but that coating can prevent the hair cuticle from lying flat. This is not good. Think frizz, less shine and more breakage.

Did this duo create a ton of volume? I didn’t suddenly have incredible volume, but I did have clean hair that wasn’t weighed down and that seemed to help. The shampoo has a light floral fragrance scent, creates a nice lather (yes, it doesn’t help clean your hair but I like a lather) and rinses out well. The conditioner has the same scent and is nice and creamy. I thought it did a good job of conditioning my hair but it wasn’t weighing it down.

Coy Thickening Spray
The Lift Thickening Spray that I tried out was my favorite product. Just spray it on your wet roots, then dry as usual. I swear it gave me more volume that lasted all day. Quick and easy. Even better? I couldn’t feel it on my hair. Seriously, it doesn’t feel sticky or filmy up there. I can’t tell it’s on my hair.

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