Hair Worthy of Prime Time: Quick Tips to Get it Yourself!

Hair Worthy of Prime Time:  Quick Tips to Get it Yourself!
I get a lot of e-mails with info on how to achieve a certain look around award show season. I tend to pick the cream of the crop for posting, though I honestly feel a bit strange about that. Sure Heidi Klum looked gorgeous in her dress, or Angelina’s cat eye was amazing. But frequently those looks aren’t really workable for “everyday.” And I want more everyday looks.

So, I was pretty excited when I received information from Aussie about how to achieve the looks we see on our favorite prime time shows. These looks are workable for every day, aren’t very detailed and just should help you with your own look.

Read on for more!

The Look: Smooth, Sleek and Serious
Perfectly smooth hair can work easily for day or night. The key is to lock in moisture and keep out frizz. Inspired by Holly Hunter in Saving Grace.

• Spray Aussie’s Sydney Smooth Tip Protector + Leave-In Conditioner on damp hair, comb through.
• Blow dry hair with a round brush. It’s easier if you section off hair and start at the bottom, working up to the crown of your head. Hold the nozzle of the blow dryer parallel to the hair (pointing down the hair shaft) as pointing directly at the hair can cause over heating and damage.
• Finish with a quick touch up using a flat iron. You should only need to iron the top layers of hair, set with 12hr Anti Humidity Hair Spray.

The Look: Carefree Curls
Soft, natural waves that are touchable define this look. This won’t work for those without some wave already in their hair. Inspired by Julia Louis-Dreyfuss from the New Adventures of Old Christine and Toni Collette in United State of Tara

• Towel dry hair and spray Opposites Attract Spray Gel evenly throughout. The gel is soft, flexible and won’t leave your hair crunchy.
• Scrunch hair with a towel and allow to finish air drying.
• If you was at night, wrap half dry hair into multiple buns to create this look.

The Look: Sassy Swirls
Inspired by Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds) and Christina Applegate (Samantha Who) these curls are a bit more polished than the Carefree Curls look.

• Make a definite clean side part.
• Apply Aussie’s Opposites Attract Styling Mousse through the sections with your fingers.
• Blow dry loosely and when the hair is about 80% dry, section into 4 large sections, polish and finish drying with a round brush.
• Wrap small sections around a 1″ curling iron and curl away from face to create loose waves.


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