Bioelements Review Series: Breakout Control

One of the best Bioelements products that I’ve tried to date is Bioelements Breakout Control. This is a product that is meant to be an “adult acne lotion” and can be used as a preventive lotion 1-2 times per day on the entire face or as a trouble shooter for problem areas. I started using this product twice a day when I began using Bioelements, but was soon able to cut back to once a day and then to an as-needed basis.

Breakout control is a 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide lotion, which makes it essentially the same product as Proactive’s Repairing Lotion. Except, that this product is not Proactive’s Lotion, because it is simply better!

Let me explain a little bit here. As I’ve mentioned before as a teen I had acne, which while it wasn’t horrible, was not a small problem. I ignored the medicine my dad prescribed me (I didn’t like being dry and peeling along with my pimples), and the problem simply didn’t go away when I turned 18.

The problems were definitely better once I started medical school, but the real change came when I was preparing for my wedding. I bit the bullet and ordered Proactive, and began using the system religiously. While I did see an improvement in my acne, I also had quite a bit of peeling/drying and redness. My skin was clearer, but it was not happy about what I was applying to it. I tried decreasing to once a day lotion and then once every other day, but the issues with irritation persisted. I tried the Proactive products meant for those with dryness, but this made my acne worse. In frustration, I stopped using the products a few years ago, though I still have about 2 months worth of products in my bathroom right now.

Since that time my face has finally started to clear up quite a bit, though I do have blemishes around a certain time each month, and at times of stress.

When I saw that the active ingredient in Breakout Control was also 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, I was anticipating many of the same issues. But, I’m really happy to report that I have had no issues with irritation, dryness, redness or itching as a result of Breakout Control (or any other Bioelements product, actually). I applied this to my entire face twice a day for a few weeks, weaned myself down to once a day and now I use it just when I have the beginnings of trouble.

My face definitely cleared quite a bit with the use of Breakout Control! I will say that it didn’t seem quite strong enough for my largest blemish, but to be fair that one was present already when I started using the product and was a very deep blemish.

Blemish Control has definitely helped to decrease any small blemishes that I have and I believe has really helped to prevent any new ones from rearing their ugly heads!
Bioelements Breakout Control



  1. Susan
    September 12, 2007 / 10:57 am

    What I want to know is this: why does everybody recommend these products, and every time I try them, no matter how well I try to make sure I don’t get it anywhere but on my face and wash my hands thoroughly afterwards, I ruin towels and tops with nasty bleach-marks? I’m obviously not getting the secret to using benzoyl peroxide…

  2. Brittni
    September 12, 2007 / 8:42 pm

    Just stopping by to say hello! Love the blog layout, it’s very sophisticated

  3. September 13, 2007 / 2:38 am

    You’re right, there is definitely a risk of bleaching clothing, bedding, towels, etc. I on purpose have only white towels, due to bleaching years ago with my Proactive.

    While in school I had bedding from Eddie Bauer that I bleached and had issues with due to my Proactive. But, after I got married we had new bedding from Calvin Klein and I had no bleaching issues despite not taking any extra care with the lotion. I still have that bedding and I had no bleaching with my Bioelements.

    So, I don’t think that it’s so much the product as it is something to do with the fabric and dye. Some items are more prone to it than others.

    I hope that helps!

    Brittni and Lauren- Thanks so much!

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