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Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Olay has just introduced a new cream to the Regenerist line, the Micro-Sculpting Cream. This cream is important for one huge reason, this is the product with the highest concentration of the Regenerist amino-peptide complex! I’ve explained peptides in the past, so you know how important they are, and frankly, if a company as big as Olay is using them so much, then you know there’s a reason!

This cream also is incredibly hydrating, primarily due to “an Olay-exclusive intracellular fortifier made up of hyaluronic acid… and hydrating glycerin.” Now, hyaluronic acid is a pretty large molecule, but there is some literature about smaller bits of it, and if that’s what is in this cream, no wonder it is soooooo incredible! That’s strong stuff! It really holds in moisture. And glycerin, you should know by now, is a humectant.

The paperwork I was sent by Olay quoted a study they did:

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream significantly smoothed skin’s surface after only 24 hours of treatment, with effects progressively increasing at two and four weeks.

Now, that sounds pretty good to me!

In separate studies, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream was proven to hydrate skin cells better than several leading “super-creams” and outperform a leading prestige super cream in a blind test with over 200 women.

Once again, sounds pretty good.

Now, I’ve been using this cream every night for about 3 weeks or so now. What do I think? I really like this cream!

The cream is pretty thick, and it has a strong perfume smell that disappears quickly. I really like the perfume they used for the Regenerist line, it’s very similar to Elizabeth Arden’s 5th Avenue, which I wore nearly everyday during college! The cream soaks into skin quickly and does not interfere with application of makeup.

I don’t have problems with sagging, lack of firmness or wrinkles (I’m only 30 and I’ve been an avid sunscreen user for over 10 years), but I did notice that with this cream, my skin is definitely well hydrated and radiant.

If you have been considering the Regenerist line, I really recommend this cream. If you don’t need super hydration, it might not be the correct Regenerist Product for you though, so stay tuned this week as I’ll be reviewing the lotion, serum, and deep hydration regenerating cream in addition to the lip product and eye lifting serum.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream
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  1. 9.17.07
    Christinew25 said:

    I’m 35 and have been having trouble finding a cream that I can use every day that doesn’t leave my skin greasy. I’m not seeing deep wrinkles (yet!), but my face gets so dry in the winter that I flake, and I am starting to lose some of the elasticity around my eyes. I’m wondering if this cream would be suitable to use around the eyes. Thanks!

  2. 9.17.07
    Casie said:

    I am addicted to skin care products, and you can never be too young to start an anti-aging regimen. Olay has a great following, so they must be doing something right!

    • 4.7.19
      Gee said:

      Hi, i have been using olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream for only 3 days now, i did noticed the texture of my skin is getting better everyday. Only for today i did realised there are stinging feelings when I applied on certain areas on my face. A little peeling here and there. Might need you to help me to clarify either its only me having this?

      • 4.7.19
        15mins said:

        Everyone has a different sensitivity to products. I”ve never had that with this cream, but I would recommend switching to someone else if you are having stinging.

  3. 9.17.07
    gabrielle said:

    I’ll have to try this cream out! Sounds really good!

  4. 9.17.07
    Anonymous said:

    I am very exited about this cream and can’t wait to try it. I have used other Oil of Olay products in the past and I think it’s time to revisit their product line. Thank you for your in-depth review!!! Jacqueline

  5. 9.17.07
    Anonymous said:

    this olay line the regenerist was recommended to me i am over 50 these days and must say how effective a product this is, so good to see this on your blog with a great review .sharon

  6. 9.17.07
    Sarah said:

    thank you for all your make up reviews, there so helpful and i have already bought some of the products you have listed!

  7. 9.17.07
    Nora said:

    I want radiant Skin!

  8. 9.17.07
    Anita said:

    This sounds like it would be perfect for winter. I live in a brutal winter area, and have started looking for a moisturizer that is super hydrating. This Olay product is on the list now!

  9. 9.18.07
    Julie said:

    I love skin care products and I’m really obsessive when it comes to my skin, but I have one concern. Do you think that if a person were to start using something like Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream at an early age (say… 17), her skin would become dependent on the anti-wrinkle, firming ingredients? For example, the moment she stops using it, her face loses firmness almost instantly?

    And this cream looks awesome! I might tell my mother to purchase it!

  10. 9.18.07
    Christine said:

    Christinew25- I think that this product would be great around the eyes! Olay also makes a great Regenerist eye cream which I’ll be reviewing this week.

    Julie- The peptides really just work with the fibroblasts in the dermis to encourage collagen production, encourage more fibroblasts to be created and help to prevent collagen breakdown. Basically, to act more like young skin.

    I don’t think that in anyway your skin would become dependent upon the product if you are young, but in someone older they would likely see their skintone and firmness revert to pre-treatment levels after a time. I hope that makes sense!

    I do not think that you can be too young to start using a product like this, but I think the best thing you could do for your skin at this age to prevent aging is to be a daily user of a good UVA/UVB blocking sunscreen and to not tan.

    Everyone Else- thanks so much for your great comments, stay tuned for more reviews this week!

  11. 10.11.07
    Anonymous said:

    I am 47 and having been using this product for about 2 weeks. I have used different products over the years and I can honestly say this is the only product that I can actually see is working. I can see new definition in my jaw line and cheekbones. My skin is very hydrated. It is indeed a thick creme, so I only use it at night. I would recommend this product 100%

  12. 10.1.08
    Anonymous said:

    The cream is very hydrating but I cannot use it on the T zone at all or my pores look like huge creators. I do not notice a lifting effect like I was hoping, but it does hydrate around the eyes.

  13. 11.30.09
    Anonymous said:

    I knew about Olay's micro-sculpting cream through an advertisement. However, I was hesitant to try it as I was not sure if it would work for me. Anyway, I bought the cream. I have used it for about two weeks now. I really like it. It gets absorbed by my skin very easily and seems to hydrate it better than other moisturers that I have used before. So far, no regrets.

  14. 11.23.10
    Rano said:

    Could someone tell me whether it is night or day cream, some told me that it is 24 hours cream

  15. 11.23.10
    Christine said:

    It doesn't matter if you use this one day or night, though it might be a bit too moisturizing for some people to use in the morning (hard to put on makeup over it). In addition, since there is no SPF in this product you would need a separate sunscreen. Olay does make a separate lotion with the same active ingredients that has sunscreen and that would be perfect for in the morning.

  16. 1.21.14
    Anonymous said:

    Hi, Iam from Dubai.. I bought this product and googled to know about the review… thanks for ur information.. its really useful for new users šŸ™‚