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Your Best Face: A Great Scrub and Concentrates

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Today is the last day of recapping Your Best Face’s products, yes a company that I love. Again, they feature Spin Traps, super high powered anti-oxidants that will help you prevent aging. I haven’t mentioned it in my previous posts, but this is a company that you really need to follow on Twitter and Fan on Facebook. They have a ton of specials and I swear that they run at least one amazing contest a day on Twitter. (I try to retweet them from my Twitter feed, but I’m sure I miss a lot. Just follow them directly so you can win some great skin care.)

Today we’ll go over a few more products, so read on to find out about the last few items in the line.

• Vitamin C
• Spin Traps

Quench is one of my lip balm obsessions, and I admit that I carry this around with me pretty frequently. I love that I can have a great balm and do a little bit in my fight against aging at the same time.

Prep Microdermabrasion
• Small, very fine and regularly shaped grit (yay!)
• Spin traps and other anti-oxidants
• Peptides

I’ve reviewed Prep previously, though I will say once again that I am crazy, super picky about what scrubs I will recommend. This one has the fine and even grit that I like (look at the picture below, you can’t even tell that it is a scrub by looking at it), just enough of it, it rinses off easily and I love it.

Anti-Oxidants Concentrate
This product (and the next) are interesting in that they aren’t really meant to be “stand alone”, but rather to be mixed and matched with other items. Have a neck cream that you love but it doesn’t have anti-oxidants? The idea is to add a little of this right before you apply, thereby boosting the anti-aging abilities of your own product. You could also use it selectively in certain areas of your face (around the mouth or eyes for example) if you want extra anti-aging power there. The product does have a little Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturize, but it is nearly the last ingredient.

This is a very light lotion (it almost borders on a thick serum) that sinks in almost immediately. I am not sure if it would be better to apply this on its own or mixed into another product, but it is definitely light enough that you could easily pair it with a full moisturizer that you are already using.

Hydrate B Concentrate
• Hyaluronic Acid
• Niacin

Another product that isn’t exactly stand alone, this one is very simple. It is a clear gel that has a few B vitamins (such as Niacin) in it, but the real point is that it contains a ton of Hyaluronic Acid, so will help draw moisture to the skin (read more about humectants in my moisturizers post). So, you can use this in conjunction with any product that might not be moisturizing enough for you. Remember the other day when I was saying that some of the lightweight YBF products were great but not quite moisturizing enough for my combination skin in the winter? This is absolutely perfect for that situation. You can use an application of Hydrate B before the other product (since this is a highly water based gel it is better to apply before the lotion most likely), and then your usual product. Now you won’t need to totally switch up your skin care routine just because the season has changed!

Your Best Face
Your Best Face is available on-line at The Skin Care Shop

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  1. 1.27.11

    oww love skincare post. Might Purchase one of their products


  2. 1.27.11
    Cindy said:

    Thanks for the great review on this great line of products! I'm super excited to try YBF!

  3. 1.28.11
    Jill said:

    Christine, thank you for the wonderful posts on YBF products. I had never heard of this line until reading your blog. The "Hydrate B Concentrate" is exactly what I need. I also have combination skin in the winter, and have not been able to find anything to help with my dry areas. I exfoliate every morning in the shower and then apply my moisturizer immediately after patting my face dry. Even after this I still have dry patches on my face that drive me crazy. I plan to purchase this and use it daily, maybe even twice daily to combat dry skin. Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge!