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Your Best Face: Eye and Lip Creams

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Yesterday I covered 5 different products in the Your Best Face lineup, and today we’ll go over four more. As a quick refresher, I’m going over the products at reader request, though this is one of my favorite anti-aging skin care companies.

In discussing starting an anti-aging skin care routine, I’ve mentioned that I do have an active ingredient check list (you’ll see it after each product mentioned below), and I try to include each category in my routine. I think a sunscreen is a must for every day, and that sunscreen should be broad spectrum UVA/UVB with a SPF of 15 at a bare minimum, 30 is better. Once you have that down, you should start adding in other ingredients shown to help fight aging and increase cell turnover and collagen production. That means exfoliation (whether physical or chemical, I prefer chemical for more even and predictable results but that isn’t possible during pregnancy), as well as adding in peptides and anti-oxidants (more preventative, they haven’t been shown conclusively in clinical studies to reverse wrinkles). I like to add in a concentrated retinoid product after that, so you can add it in slowly as your skin tolerates (for me that means every other night usually).

So, that’s my quick and dirty anti-aging routine philosophy. If you want more in depth than that or bigger guns to help fight the wrinkles, I strongly recommend going to a dermatologist. Chances are your insurance will cover it anyways (Hello??? Skin cancer check? I need to do this, probably in the next few months once I get this new mommy thing down), and you’ll hopefully be surprised at what a derm tells you to do. I doubt they’ll immediately try to sell you on crazy peels and lasers, they aren’t a medi-spa. I’d expect a gentle cleanser, good moisturizer, the kind of sunscreen I mentioned above and help fighting aging after that (likely including the prescription strength retinoid).

After all of that rambling, I’ll point out that I really like the Your Best Face products because they include Spin Traps (very powerful anti-oxidants), often include peptides and you can find cool perks like Nylon-12, which helps absorb oil for those of us with combination skin. So, they’re a great option to include in that routine I mentioned above, where you can add in the retinoid every other night and such. My skin also seems to like them a lot, never a break out and my skin is nice and glowy.

Read out to find out more about today’s products.

Correct: Eye Cream
• Spin Traps
• Huge list of peptides
• Oil absorption
• Caffeine
• Hydration with Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid
• Skin whitening ingredients (alpha arbutin, Haloxyl and licorice root extract)

You can take a peek at what Dr. Cynthia Bailey told us are her key ingredients in an eye cream, though this one is pretty close. There are tons of peptides and anti-oxidants packed into this cream, Caffeine is present for the temporary tightening effect, and skin whiteners/brighteners to help fight circles.

Note that both Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid are present to help with hydration (both are great at doing this without making your skin oily, love that), though due to the presence of so many peptides and anti-oxidants they are both further down the ingredient list than I’m used to seeing them. I do find that this cream is hydrating enough for my eye area however, so I think it’s just pushed down from a huge amount of active ingredients. I’m not going to complain.

Refresh: Eye Cream
• Spin Traps
• Peptides
• Oil absorption
• Caffeine
• Hydration with Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid

Refresh was created to basically be a cheaper version of Correct. So, it features the spin traps, some peptides (the list seems a little shorter this time, but there are still a lot of peptides in this eye cream). Note that the skin whiteners are left out of this version, so this is the one I’ve used while pregnant.

Nourish: Eye Cream
• Spin Traps
• Oil absorption
• Caffeine

Nourish is basically the “light” or intro eye cream in the YBF line up. It includes a list of different anti-oxidants, hydration and Caffeine for temporary tightening. However, there aren’t any peptides and heavier duty anti-aging ingredients. This is more appropriate for those just getting into anti-aging (for example, those in their 20s) or just looking for a more basic, affordable eye cream.

Define: Lip Area Cream
• Spin Traps
• Peptides
• Niacin
• Skin whitening ingredients (alpha arbutin and licorice root extract)

Yes, you read that right, this is a lip product! Apparently, many YBF customers were using the eye creams in the lip area to help get a little added benefit in fighting vertical lines and to help hydrate their lips. So, YBF worked with some of the girls over at Truth in Aging to create this product. I have to admit that I have only just now used it for the first time, however that is because I didn’t get it until after I was pregnant and since I’m avoiding skin whiteners while pregnant…. Yeah, I figure that since the baby is about to come any day as I write this it is ok to use a product once.

Regardless, this is an interesting product. The directions talk about applying it to your lips, but it definitely can (and likely should) be applied first to the lips and then excess can be spread to the surrounding skin area. The product is between a typical lip cream/balm and a lotion (think a slightly sticky product between a Blistex and face lotion), and it has a sweet/minty flavor and scent that are not overwhelming and that I just loved. It slowly sinks in if you massage it in, though I did find that on the skin itself it left a little residual sheen. So, I’d recommend applying this to the skin only at bedtime. The product was very hydrating and felt amazing on my lips.

There are quite a few ingredients included that help fight aging, and YBF says that rather than lightening the skin, the whiteners will actually help keep your lips redder/pinker for a more youthful look.

I really liked this one, and I think I’ll be using it quite a bit after I deliver my baby. I’ll try to update everyone on how I like it sometime in the next few months!

Your Best Face
Your Best Face is available on-line at The Skin Care Shop

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  1. 1.26.11
    Pammy said:

    All these products sound great!!! And, funny, if I get too much eye cream on my finger when applying, I usually dab a little on my lips as I dont want those good ingredients to go to waste! lol! Looks like YBF was on to something with that!

  2. 1.27.11

    Awesome products!!
    Should be getting them on my next day of shopping!

    S x