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The 15 Best Products From NYX Cosmetics

best nyx makeup products
I’ve done a lot of these lists, showing the best products (in my opinion) from different brands. My list showing the best products from ELF is one of my most popular posts.

Recently I realized that a lot of my makeup is from NYX, but I rarely talk about them! I need to change that! Watch for more reviews of their products in the future, but I thought a good place to start was to show you my favorite products from NYX. I usually buy NYX at ULTA, though I just discovered a few days ago that NYX is also available at my local Meijer, and I also order on-line when the brand is having a sale. They’re a brand filled with dupes for higher priced products as well as some great problem solvers, all at a great price point!

favorite nyx makeup

1. NYX Studio Perfect Primer: This is pretty much a dupe for Smashbox’s primer that everyone loves. They even have different versions so you can color correct. No, you won’t end up with a green face, but that redness will look a lot better after the primer.

2. Powder Blush: They do make other blush formulations that are also pretty nice, I do like NYX’s cream blush quite a bit, but the powder blush really is pretty amazing. There are 27 shades, most of them are matte (which is hard to find in a drugstore blush) and many of the shades are great dupes for much more expensive blushes from brands like NARS and MAC! Pinky, Pinched and Peach are frequently mentioned as favorites.

3. Wonder Pencil: Skinny like an eye liner, this is still a pretty creamy and super pigmented concealer stick. I use it mostly around my eye brow (a quick line above my brow and on the brow bone under it, blend with a finger), down the center of my nose and sometimes on the bow of my lips to make them look a bit fuller. There are 3 shades, and the darkest really isn’t that dark. I sometimes will grab the darkest shade to contour down the sides of my nose very quickly.

4. Matte Bronzer: Matte bronzers are a bit easier to come by now at the lower price points, but this one is great because it comes in so many shades (the lightest one is still a bit too dark for my super pale skin, I use a VERY large brush with this one and a light hand). There’s a hint of gold but no orange in sight.

5. Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation: Yes, this is a powder foundation, but when used as a powder it offers a bit of coverage (use a lighter hand if you want less coverage), but it soaks up oil like crazy! Perfect for girls that are fighting a mid-afternoon shine.

6. Concealer Jar: This concealer is a full coverage concealer that is very easy to blend for a natural finish. It comes in 8 natural skin tones with a huge range of shades. Even better, you can get it in 4 color correcting versions to cancel out your under eye circles or redness!

7. Dark Circle Concealer: Similar to the Concealer Jar, but these 4 concealers skew a bit more apricot, just enough to help cover up the dark circles under your eyes but not enough that it will look like you’re wearing something not skin toned.

8. Butter Lipstick: Part balm and part lipstick, these are very hydrating lippies that offer more coverage than tinted balms. There are 22 shades, my favorite is Sweet Tart.

9. Lip Primer: I wish I had discovered this years ago! It comes in 2 shades, though I’m not sure if it matters which one you get (I’m using the darker one now). It helps make any lippie applied over the primer apply more smoothly, look better and last hours longer without touchups! I’ll be picking up a few more at their next sale.

10. Xtreme Lip Cream: Super pigmented and creamy, this is more of a lipstick in a liquid form. It feels hydrating and won’t look chalky!

11. Extra Creamy Round Lipstick: Quite a few of these shades are dupes for brands like MAC. They’re well pigmented, feel great on your lips and have good staying power.

12. Eye & Lip Makeup Remover: I’ve yet to find this product in a store, I always buy one or two bottles when I order from NYX online. This remover takes off absolutely anything without an issue. No scrubbing, just a few swipes with a cotton round.

13. Eye Shadow Base: NYX makes a couple of eye shadow primers, though I can’t get most of them to work as well as other brands (in other words, Too Faced Shadow Insurance is much better). I do really like the shadow base though. I use it in nude, it is super easy to dip your finger into the pot and spread across the lid. It adds coverage, so you can’t see my blood vessels any more, and the staying power of the base is about 95% the time and intensity of the TFSI but for less money.

14. Eye Shadow Singles: NYX recently updated their lineup of shadows, the formula has been changed up a bit. I did like their old shadow singles, many of which were famous for being MAC dupes. I’m not sure if they still are with the formula swap. The new formula is a bit less powdery, the intensity is more… intense, and the shadows still blend very nicely. They also offer a big range of pretty shadow palettes, though I’ve never had as much luck with the shadows sticking around all day. Go for the singles.

15. Jumbo Eye Pencil: If you want a shadow pencil that will look great and last all day, NYX makes some great ones. Use them as a base under your powder shadows as well for an added pop of color, the Milk (white) pencil is amazing to increase the intensity of eye shadow colors.

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  1. 4.18.14
    Marian S said:

    Thanks for this post ! I love NYX but am always overwhelmed with their product selection, so this narrow-down is appreciated!

  2. 4.18.14
    StewMcG said:

    Their Butter lip balm is also pretty awesome. Great for those days when you don't want to wear makeup but still feel like you need a little "something".

  3. 4.18.14

    One of my favorite products is the NYX creme blush. I use it almost every day!

  4. 4.18.14

    Thank you for this!! I've been quite interested in NYX, and this is perfect to start out!!! <3

  5. 4.18.14
    Phyrra said:

    I LOVE your choices! The makeup remover is great!

  6. 4.18.14
    Grace B. said:

    Adorable, Smokey and Natural Pallets from NYX are awesome too!!

  7. 4.19.14

    Don't forget the super shiny eyeliners! My gold one stats all day and into the night. It even fights the makeup remover. Winner for me!

  8. 4.19.14

    I've never tried their makeup remover! Love your picks!!

  9. 4.19.14

    I love the foundation powder, too. I never use it for that, though. It's an awesome added coverage powder.

  10. 4.19.14

    This is a great list! Thank you!

  11. 4.20.14
    kellee m said:

    NYX has just been released in Australia so it is great it read good reviews about it. Can't wait to try šŸ™‚

  12. 4.21.14

    I agree! I haven't tried the lip primer beyond sampling in Ulta once, but I really like it. I wish I could say I love the eyeshadow base, too, but it's just not quite right on my oily, hooded lids.

    I need to get some makeup remover.

  13. 8.19.18
    Jopina said:

    I love NYX. Some of the items I own are the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk too šŸ™‚ I used it to make my eye shadow pop too hehe. Also, I have a lot of their lip liners & loved it. It’s so affordable & works beautifully. Hot cocoa is my favourite when I want to go dark on the lips šŸ™‚
    Great. Thanks:)

  14. 9.15.18
    Emily said:

    This is such an amazing list of NYX products! NYX has long been one of my top favorite drugstore brands, it’s just almost impossible to go wrong with them.

    • 1.13.19
      Sally said:

      I love the lipsticks best they are really sensational and I didnt realise they are dupes so now I understand why they’re soooooo good