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The Best Blow Out Tips, Get Pro Results at Home!

hair stylist tips for a quick and easy blow out at home

Wouldn’t it be great to always look like you just walked out of a salon? Try as we might, it can be really hard to recreate our hair stylist’s results at home. There are some great little things that you can add to your routine or change up to get better results. I’m taking notes, and I think I need to get some new pillow cases…

Arturo Swayze from the Arturo Salon offers these tips:
• Washing your hair less frequently and using Klorane dry shampoo with Nettle will prolong your blowout.

• Tie your hair in a top-bun when you sleep and use a silk pillow case. Cotton pillow cases will roughen-up your hair causing your blowout to deform. Cotton will also cause the cuticles in your hair to get rough as well, making your hair look textured aka frizzy.

• One thing I see women do wrong with their blowout is their not getting the hair smooth enough. When your using a round brush make sure you go over the hair enough to get it silky. If you do it really well the first time it will prolong your blowout much longer.

• And always use a thermal protector like, René Furterer Lissea, Thermal Protecting spray. It locks moisture in, protects your hair from heat damage and has anti-humidity protection.

Regina Ventimiglia
• Want to keep your style, keep your hands out of your hair! You’d be alarmed at how many times we run our fingers through our hair on an average basis.

• You have to set your style with a cool blast of air to really make it lock in. That’s why nice dryers have those fancy little cool blast buttons 🙂 And keep your bedroom cooler at night. If your body temp really rises as you sleep, you’ll most likely “sweat out” your style.

• Invest in silk pillowcases!

Vikki Parman
• Remove as much moisture from hair before styling with heat.

Dominic Commisso, Commisso and Company:
• Practice at home. The thing people are doing wrong at home is rushing and not practicing enough. I had to practice blowdrying other people’s hair and it took time and practice. You can’t expect to get good at something you don’t put at least a little bit of practice into.

• You can ask the salon to schedule a one on one class on home hair care and styling. We offer that to our clients with makeup, proper shampoo, conditioner, detangling and treatments. Proper styling product, proper hot tools, blowdrying, setting and finishing.

David Todd, David Frank Salon:
• Invest in a great brush, I like Spornette natural bristle brushes. They work great and they last a lifetime if you take care of them. Choose a lager one for a straighter flatter look, a smaller one for waves and volume. Avoid blow drying with a paddle brush, it puts no tension on the hair and provides you no ability to style your hair.

• Use a nozzle on your blow dryer. I see women everyday who have burnt the hair with the end of the dryer. The nozzle keeps the hot grate at the opening of the dryer from coming in contact with the hair. This one little thing makes a world of difference.

• Try a bit of aerosol dry shampoo at the roots once your hair is completely dry. Gives the hair tons of body and makes your blow out last.

• Spend some time on the ends for a polished look. Five minutes finishing up the ends and the top layer can make a so-so blowout look great.

Terrence Michael Renk, Global Artistic Director for ProRituals:
• In the salon I put a setting volumizer like ProRituals Volume and texture foam. Blow dry with my Marilyn Hot Flash brush and transfer on to purple velcro rollers. Plenty of lift, bounce and a hold that last all day and into your red carpet night.

Vernelle Murphy, Salon V:
• A very light or no conditioner at all on your scalp can help stretch your blowout.

• You can also sleep with a high loose bun to keep the ends from getting rough and tangled during the night.

• Make sure when blow-drying hair at home to use styling products for volume, smoothing and hold. Section the hair so that you are working with smaller sections at a time. Consult your hairstylist to make sure you are using the proper hair brush and styling tools.

Natalia Lahud, Salon Sora:
• Use products for your hair type recommended by your hair stylist & don’t use styling tools on high heat. Always use your styling products on medium heat to benefit the longest last and prevent damage. Always ask your stylist what they are using on your hair and use the same products at home.

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