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Worth the Splurge: Sam Villa Blow Dryer

Product Sent for Review
Sam Villa Blow Dryer Review

Recently, I was on the market for a new blow dryer. My concentrator nozzle had broken and I couldn’t find another to fit on my Hana Pro Blow Dryer, and I admit that I was pretty stubborn about it. I tried using it for months without a concentrator, even though it took longer and my hair didn’t look quite as nice. But, I really like my Hana and I wasn’t quite ready to give it up. I’m usually one of those girls that won’t spend more than $40 on a dryer, and I was spoiled by more more expensive dyer.

Then, one day, this Sam Villa dryer showed up on my doorstep. I was pretty amazed and a bit nervous. This was pretty expensive… would I have bought this on my own? No, probably not. Even on sale (it retails for about $200 but is sometimes $40 off), that’s about 4x my typical blow dryer budget. I was a bit afraid to touch it! What if I broke it?

Sam Villa Blow Dryer Review

This is a super sturdy dryer, it feels substantial and the cord is very heavy duty. It’s a bit smaller than other dryers that I’ve used, and somehow it is incredibly lightweight, it weighs under a pound! I love that the outside is very easy to grip without dropping it, the plastic has those lines and it is a matte-rubbery texture. (Think NARS products, but without the propensity for collecting dusty fingerprints.)

When you turn it out, there are a couple of speed and heat options. I obviously am a bad girl that uses it on high heat and speed, but it is still pretty quiet. The cord is 9 feet long so I can walk just about any where I need to while still drying my hair. I use one of the 2 included concentrator nozzles, one is for just drying long, wet hair and the thinner one is to help with finishing a style. I haven’t really noticed a difference in which nozzle that I use, but it’s good to have a backup!

This is probably the best blow dryer that I’ve ever owned, and if I broke it tomorrow I would repurchase the exact same dyer. But, I’m not really expecting that to happen for quite a while.

Sam Villa
Product Sent for Review

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  1. 12.24.13
    Japolina said:

    My last two blowdryers were expensive and I definitely think that a good one is worth the splurge. I'm still in love with my supersolano and wouldn't hesitate to buy a good one if it ever dies (let's hope it lives for a while!)
    Be sure to stop by my blog this week. I'm hoisting a giveaway for a gorgeous scarf

  2. 12.24.13

    I hear nothing but great things about this dryer. If I didn't have a new one I'd be buying it for sure. It's important to have a dryer that protects your hair while heating it up.

  3. 12.24.13
    Lisa K said:

    OMG this dryer sounds GREAT! I wonder if you have ever tried a T3 and how it would compare?

  4. 12.24.13
    Phyrra said:

    It sounds amazing!

  5. 12.24.13

    I can't imagine spending this much for a dryer; but my fine hair dries so fast that per minute it would be expensive for me. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has Nars cases that are all fingerprinty…. I figured it was dust from the innards that got outside.

  6. 12.24.13

    @Lisa, I haven't tried a T3 dryer, though I've heard they're good too! The Hana was my first expensive one and while I can afford an expensive one, I fully admit that I'm cheap and was trying to avoid it! LOL!

    @Amy, I wish my hair dried fast! Even with my much shorter long bob, my hair can take 15 minutes to dry with a dryer. The expensive ones do seem to cut down on time quite a bit for me. And OMG, I hate how dirty NARS products get! I should clarify that the outside of this dryer feels like that, so it isn't slippery, but it hasn't gotten messy at all.