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Adventures in Home Hair Coloring: Clairol Root Touch Up Review

Clairol Root Touch Up ReviewMy husband is going to be a bit shocked if he sees this review. Really. I do not color my own hair, I don’t cut it, for the last few years I have even outsourced my primary brown maintenance (though I do a lot in between those every 3-5 week appointments, as seen in this post about how I groom my brows). While I’ve occasionally covered at home hair color on 15 Minute Beauty, it’s mostly been tips from experts on how to get your hair color to look good at home.

But, recently Clairol asked if they could send me a kit for their Root Touch Up, which claims to match any in salon color. I was feel a little rooty at the time, though I had an appointment to fix it in less than a week. I decided to give it a shot, and let them send the box. If it went poorly, I had a pro lined up to fix things the next day, right?

Clairol Root Touch Up ReviewSo, here’s what came in my box. A pair of gloves (thank you!!!!), a mixing bowl, the 2 creams to mix together and a brush. I have color 4R, which is a dark auburn and looked to be the closest match to my hair, though if I used a Clairol product (or even a L’Oreal or Revlon), the Nice ‘n Easy website lets you look up your color and it will let you know which Root Touchup shade to use.

So, basically you mix the 2 products together in the little tray, put on some gloves (hair color stains, and it especially hard to get out of fingernails. Wear them!) and get to work. I worked on just the top area of my head around my part and back to the crown, using the brush as I worked through sections of my hair. My roots were about 3/4 of an inch (5 weeks of growth), and it was just my natural boring brown instead of the prettier auburn. It took me about 5-7 minutes or so to do this area, mostly because I was slow and hadn’t done this before. In reality, you could probably be a bit messier with it and just get the color on and be done in 2 or 3 for this same area. Then you wait 10 minutes and rinse it out, there’s no need to actually shampoo your hair.

I tried to take before and after pictures, but they were too blurry to see anything. The Clairol did match my color perfectly and it was super easy! I definitely plan on doing this again. My stylist still touched up the rest of my hair the next day, and I had a few slightly lighter auburn pieces added, but she didn’t have to do anything to the area I had already touched up. This is perfect for stretching out the time between my salon visits!

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  1. 5.3.13

    I would be lost without this stuff. I've used it for years, and since I have short hair, I have even used it as whole head hair color in a pinch! (shhhhh!!! Don't tell!) this stuff is magnificent, and I don't know what I'll do if they ever stop making it!

  2. 5.4.13
    Jean D said:

    I have used it very often and it has saved me many times. I actually messed up some at home highlights and used the brown root touch up to cover it. The funny part is that I keep getting compliments on my haircolor when it was actually a mistake coverup. So yay to Clairol! I am a huge fan.