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Long Lasting Lip Color: Julia’s Lip Tint

Product Sent for Review

Julia's Lip Tint ReviewSo, obviously lip tints are nothing new. I remember ordering Benetint from the paper Benefit Cosmetics catalog in college, I sent in a check and waited a few anxious weeks. Once it came in the mail, I loved it, but… I also didn’t. I loved the idea of a liquid stain that worked on my lips and cheeks and could last for hours, but the red color was just not quite right for my fair skin. When they came out with other shades they were a bit better, but still not quite right. Today, I don’t own any of those Benefit products.

When the nice people from Julia’s Lip Tint asked if they could send me some of their tints to try out, I had high hopes! Their website listed many shades, most of which were much more subtle than Benetint, and I thought that they’d work much better with my skin tone.

Julia's Lip Tint Swatches
There are more shades, but I did test about 75% of what they offer! Because they’re a stain, my camera didn’t really have anything to focus on with my skin (even with super macro and a spiffy lens, it’s actually focusing on that q-tip now…), so this was the best I could do after a looong time of trying! I think you get the general idea though.

My colors:
Peachy Keen Pink – pink with a peach tone
Au Naturel Pink – barely there color with a pink base
Caribbean Rose – soft rosy coral
Coralesque – a mix of pink and orange
Lucky Penny- A rich copper brown color
Mandarin Orange Red – deep orangey red
Truly Yours Red – red with a blue base
Terracotta- A deep brick red with a brown base
Plum Terrific – Plum with brown undertones

The colors all come in a little bottle and you can use anything you want to apply. I’ve been using my beloved Q-Tip Precision Tips (kind of love those things), though the cotton probably absorbs more product than I’m realizing. I’ve been using it only on my lips, and the more layers you apply the more intense the color will be and the longer it will last. I’ve used 2 light layers for each of my swatches, which is about how I use it, and that will last about 6 hours without any problems.

I’ve been using Julia’s Lip Tint with a regular lip balm (typically a Burt’s Bees) for my days at home with my daughter, and sometimes under a pretty lip gloss for work or out and about. The lip stain under things adds a little extra punch of color that I need to not look so pale and washed out, which I love. Even with my Q Tip soaking up so much of the color, the bottle (the full sized is to the right, the others are little samples they sent of colors so I could try out so many) is going to last for ages. It’s huge compared to what you actually use.

Julia's Lip Tint, Peachy Keen PinkThis is my favorite shade, the Peachy Keen Pink. It’s that great peach-pink tone that comes across as my lips but better, which I absolutely love! It’s a little more intense than shown in this picture, but you can see that 2 light coats does come across as just slightly darker lips.

I’m just now starting to experiment with the other colors more, and Coralesque seems great for the spring, and I’m debating about picking up a bottle of Hot Chick Pink (bright vibrant pink with blue tones) which I haven’t tried yet. I’ve even been using Truly Yours Red, which has a very similar tone to Benetint, but because it is more blue based (which seems to be the key) it is much more flattering for my skin.

Have you tried a liquid tint lately? I think this is perfect for summer!

Julia’s Lip Tint
Product Sent for Review

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  1. 5.4.13
    Ellie said:

    I tried the Benefit one many moons ago and had the same problem. I've never found anything better since.I'd really like to try this one, as I love the idea of a long lasting tint.

  2. 5.4.13
    Liz said:

    This is so cool! I'm going to have to try some of thses.

  3. 5.4.13
    chatchien said:

    I love Benetint. I need a lip stain because all lipstick that I use is gone from at least the center of my lips in an hour.

    Thanks for the link.

  4. 5.4.13
    Deb said:

    Hi Christine. Thanks for the review on these. I've been considering them but was curious about the depth of the colors. You're swatches are most helpful. I love lip stains only because of the lasting power. But, they do tend to be dry. So I was wondering: do you use your Burt's Bees under the tint? Or over? And when they start to fade, is is that flaky, uneven fading or just even and gradual? The few lip stains I have I like, but don't really love. I don't mind reapplying clear gloss often for the moisture but I really hate the stains that flake and fade unevenly.

  5. 5.5.13

    Hi Deb!
    I've been using it over the lip stain. I've tried it under and it definitely needs to go over, the Burt's Bees creates a layer that the stain can't really penetrate.

    When it fades, the Julia's Lip Tint is even, it just slowly goes away on its own. No unevenness or flaking!

  6. 5.5.13
    Wendy said:

    Liked the Peachy Keen Pink and Terracotta colors. I will have to get them sooon…

  7. 5.7.13
    Katie said:

    The coralesque looks like the perfect beachy summer color. Wouldn't mind trying it on summer vacation.

  8. 5.12.13
    Anonymous said:

    I like the Stila lip and cheek stain click pens – the mango is a great summery colour, and then I put Fresh Sugar lippie in coral on top.

    Benetint is horrible stuff. The Body Shop makes a decent stain that's similar but a nicer shade, and more buildable, as I recall. (I sadly ended up being allergic to it. Common problem for me.)