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About that Revlon 360 Blow Dryer…

Revlon 360 Split Blow Dryer Review

Have you heard about this blow dryer yet? Revlon just released a brand new hair dryer, and it is basically a Dyson hand dryer. Yes, just like at the airport. It’s kind of genius, because you slip your hair into the inner slot, and the jets are directed downwards, so they’ll actually help push the water off your hair and smooth the cuticle in the right direction at the same time. After using the Revlon 360 Styler, your hair is smoother, shinier and for me it takes a lot less time to dry.

Revlon 360 Styler and Hair Dryer

One thing that I was worried about when I bought this dryer was how I would dry my roots. It turns out that the whole thing twists, as you can see above, and it closes up to work more like a conventional dryer. Note, when you do this a nozzle won’t fit on the dryer, you’ll have to work with the air coming out of the entire end.

I mentioned this dryer last week in a Facebook group that I’m in, and they wanted to see a video. So, for once I made a video! Here I am (wearing only tinted moisturizer FYI, so be kind to my post-call self, I look tired for a reason), drying my hair. I had set up 2 cameras in case I couldn’t capture all of it with the one on the counter, but the best view ended up just being my iPhone on the counter.

You can buy the dryer from Amazon, Target or ULTA!

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  1. 9.19.17
    MarciaF said:

    I didn’t know this existed. It’s obviously great for longer hair but I think at shoulder length I could use this too. I really like that it closes to be used in the usual way.

  2. 9.22.17
    Louise said:

    I hadn’t seen this new dryer yet. I’m going to order and try it out.
    Thank you for doing the video. That helped me decide to get it.
    I will be thrilled if I can cut down the drying time and get a similar result.
    I enjoy your blog & real life reviews!

  3. 10.5.17

    It looks so strange. I never saw something like that !