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Playa Ritual Hair Oil

Playa Ritual Hair Oil Review

Ten years ago, using a hair oil was such a foreign concept. Add oil to my hair? On purpose?? WHY??

Oh, how naive we were.

Then came that hair oil. You know the one I mean, it starts with an M and is teal on the label? And it changed your mind, right? But then you found out that it’s not really oil, it’s mostly silicones. So no wonder it did such a good job of smoothing, right?

I have lost track of how many hair oils I’ve used since then. Universally, my favorites have a light scent and feel. I like to have a lot of leeway in how much oil I can use. No one likes to pump some oil onto their hand and not realize that you have 0.001 mL too much oil, and the result is that instead of smoothed and shiny your hair now looks greasy.

Enter Playa’s Ritual Hair Oil.

First, it is very light in scent. I have a very hard time describing it, it definitely doesn’t stick around after you’ve applied it to your hair.

Second, it is very lightweight and it’s very difficult to overdo it and turn yourself slimy. Even better, this bottle is basically a big eye dropper. The button on the top lets you be very controlled about how much oil you are using, which I absolutely love!

Best of all, the ingredients have no silicones in there. Instead it’s a blend of actual oils such as Coconut and Kukui Seed.

It makes my hair shiny, healthier looking and tames the frizz. I call this a winner.

You can buy Ritual Hair Oil from Playa or Violet Grey
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