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Ode to Redken Guts 10: My Favorite Root Volumizer

Redken Guts 10 Foam Mousse Review

I have an issue with my hair. I have too much of it. I know, I know… cry you a river, right? But it’s true. I have a lot of very fine hair on my head, and it just gets heavy. So heavy that it weighs itself down easily, giving me flat hair on the top of my head, but with volume at the ends. Basically, triangle hair. It’s not a flattering look.

To combat the lack of volume at my roots, I have a couple of tricks. My biggest trick is actually to get my hair thinned out when my stylist cuts my hair. She removes excess weight during my trims, and while my hair doesn’t look any different at the bottom, it makes a huge difference when it comes to the amount of volume on top and how easy it is to style.

The second thing I do to help improve flat hair is root volumizer. I’ve tried a ton of them over the years, but I keep coming back to Redken Guts 10. It’s a spray on foam/mousse, and it is one of the few products that I’ve found to be strong enough to add volume on my roots and then to keep working all day long.

Using Redken Guts 10 is pretty easy. When my hair is still wet, this is my last styling product. I just pull up some random sections of hair and spray Guts 10 from about 8-10 inches away, directing the stream at my roots. It looks just like mousse that has been distributed a bit. I do this to sections all over the top of my head, and when I’m happy with how much I’ve applied I run my fingers through my hair to help distribute the product. Then I dry and style my hair as usual.

The end result can be as subtle or strong as I want. A little Guts 10 will be just enough to keep my hair from flattening out after I blow dry it. I can’t feel it in my hair, and the results last a day or two. A lot of Redken Guts 10 can have a lot of hold, resulting in hair that has epic volume and yes, is definitely something I can feel in my hair! I usually am on the lighter end of the spectrum. A little extra oomph for a few days and hair that has a bit of volume and hold.

I’ve repurchased this product over and over, I’ve probably gone through about 20 cans. I have even repurchased travel sized cans, because I take it with me whenever I go out of town. It’s definitely one of my favorite hair styling products!

You can buy Redken Guts 10 at ULTA, or Amazon.

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