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Redness Be Gone! NYX Color Correcting Powder Review

Powder to correct redness

Yes, that is a green face powder. And really, it doesn’t look crazy on me!

It’s magical. Magical green face powder, probably made by unicorns.

It’s actually a redness color correcting powder (learn more about how to color correct redness with makeup), and I’ve been using it for the last few weeks to help troubleshoot red spots that are still visible after the rest of my makeup is done.

My rosacea is mostly under control, and my redness is much improved. Except for those days after the baby decides to wake up frequently and need mama. Neeeeeed me. So, I don’t get much sleep. On those days I use a little extra redness corrector under my concealer, foundation or BB Cream. And it looks great. Except there’s almost always a tiny extra area of redness that shows through everything. And I do not want to pile on a thick redness corrector over everything else. It cakes and looks horrible.

Enter the NYX Color Correcting Powder. This loose powder is light green and very finely milled. It doesn’t offer any coverage, and it can act as a setting powder, though I’ve been using it over my regular powder. I just grab a regular powder brush and dab a little of the green powder over any residual redness. Like magic it disappears!

You can buy the powder at NYX, ULTA or Amazon.

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