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Prada Les Infusions Vétiver Fragrance Review

Prada Les Infusions Vétiver Fragrance Review

First off, I have to admit a bias. I kinda love Prada fragrances. I’ve had good luck with them in the past, and I like pretty much everything they release. However, I haven’t tried any of their infusions. But, when I heard that in addition to the Tuberose, Blood Orange would be featured as a note…. I had to try it out. Mention a fruit note and I am there. Les Infusions Vétiver is an addition to their men’s fragrances.

Rather than traditional Top, Middle and Base notes, the infusions have a collection of notes. I noticed that all of the notes were present throughout the day, rather than having the typical dry down and then changes in notes.

Infusion de Vétiver Notes: Vetiver, Tarragon, Madagascan Pepper, Purple Ginger

I have to admit that I forced my husband to try out the Vetiver (he isn’t big on testing new scents). It was lighter than the typical men’s cologne, but the Vetiver note definitely was masculine. The tarragon was a bit more prominent on him, which I really loved. The Madagascan pepper was a tad bit of spice in the mix, but not as strong as I usually see. Which is good, as I admit to not being a fan. Overall the feel was fresh and green with a bit of spice to keep it interesting.

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  1. 5.11.10

    I love the smell of the Infusion de Tubereuse, I don't own it (yet) but everytime I pass the counter I spray it on.