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New Mommy Tips from Monique

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Beauty Girl Musings
Today’s tip is brought to us by my friend Monique, over at Beauty Girl Musings. I’m so honored that she had so many great tips to share with us! Monique truly is amazing. At blogger events I’m usually found near her since I like being with her so much. She’s incredibly nice and funny, not to mention she somehow always looks perfect. She lives in Southern California where she blogs and lives with her family (including 2 great kids!). Did I mention that she is a licenced esthetician? And she has a new fitness blog, Fit Girl Musings?

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps. I know this may seem crazy, especially if you’re the type of woman who has to “get things done”, but believe me, the laundry and messy house will be there when you wake up (or if you have fabulous family and friends, they won’t mind helping out a bit)! You’ll look better, feel better and you will enjoy every moment that your baby is awake. After a few weeks, you’ll probably have more energy to not sleep every single time the baby goes down, but naps will still be important. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Plan alone time for yourself at least once a week. Even if it means getting out of the house for an hour to meet a friend for pedis or visiting your favorite department store to buy yourself a new product, time away for yourself is still important.

3. Put on your “face” and get dressed! Being a new mom can feel so tiring and stressful that you may not want to do this, but investing a bit of time to wash your face, apply a swipe of mascara, blush and gloss each morning and also putting on some clean clothes will make such a big difference in how you feel.

Beauty Girl Musings

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