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My Favorite Drugstore Makeup Finds

My Favorite Drugstore Makeup Finds
I’ve gotten a few questions recently about my favorite inexpensive makeup finds. While I obviously have more income now than I did when I was in high school, at heart I’m still a drugstore makeup girl. I would much rather roam the aisles than the department store counters! There are a lot of amazing products available in those aisles, many of which I gladly reach for every day over much more expensive alternatives. You can find all of these products in my Drugstore Steals Collection over on eBay. Don’t forget to follow me there so you can see any new items I add!

1. NYX Shadow Base: I use the nude tone in this product nearly every day. It is a primer and concealer in one, I only need to pat a small amount on to my lids with a finger tip to both cover up visible blood vessels and prime my lids for all day shadow!

2. Wet n Wild Nutty Eye Shadow has long been my favorite go-to shade. In theory it is the same as other colors from MAC and ELF, but only this one works so well for me. It has a lot of depth and is just deep enough that I can use it in my eye crease almost every day. It works with every eye look I’ve tried!

3. CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara is one of my favorites. I’m definitely a drugstore mascara girl, and most of my favorites are from CoverGirl. This one offers both length and volume, but the brush is really the key! It helps to flare out my outer corner of lashes just a bit, giving me a great wide eyed look!

4. NYX Wonder Pencil is a great multi-tasking product. This is a very pigmented concealer, but it is in a thin pencil form. I use it to draw a line just over and under my brow, down the center of my nose and then on the bow of my lip. Blend with a few finger taps, and you’ve highlighted everywhere! I also have the deep tone, which I use to contour the sides of my nose very slightly.

5. NYX Auto Eye Brow Pencil: Most drugstore eye brow products are powder, but I’m really a pencil girl. I think they’re faster, and with a little brushing afterwards, look much more natural. The NYX pencil lasts all day and comes in a good variety of slightly ashy shades, which look very natural.

6. Pond’s Luminous Finish BB Cream: Somehow I still haven’t written a full review on this product, though I’ve repurchased it a few times and use it almost every day. It has nice lightweight moisture, a light coverage and a bit of light deflection. I love that it also has SPF built in!

7. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush: This is one of those love it or hate it products, and I love it! I like to use a cream blush directly over my foundation, set with powder and then reapply. It makes the blush stick around all day.

8. CoverGirl Smoochies are my new favorite tinted lip balm. The color is definitely there, but is translucent enough that my own lips show through. It feels hydrating and isn’t sticky! The balm is very large as well, so it is an amazing deal.

9. L’Oreal Caresse Wet Shine Lip Stain: This is both a lip stain and a lip gloss in one! I’ve mentioned it in a lot of posts like Top 10 Beauty Items in my Purse and My Desert Island: Not So Deserted After All? I keep Lilac Ever After in my purse all the time.

What are your favorite drugstore beauty finds?

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  1. 12.5.13
    Sue said:

    No wonder why you love them…they are def great products to try out. I have sued the maybelline blush too and I love them too.

  2. 12.7.13
    Starsky99 said:

    Do you have any suggestions for drug store products (foundation & powder) that would be good for a "poreless" finish appearance? Also any drug store ideas for a blush color that would give a "rosey glow" appearance? Thank you so much.

  3. 12.12.13
    Starsky99 said:

    Do you have any favorite drugstore products (foundation & powder) that you would recommend for a "poreless" finish and a blush that gives a "rosey glow." I am on the lookout for products to create both these looks and would be very interested in your suggestions! Thanks.

  4. 12.16.13

    I follow the same philosophy when it comes to makeup! I splurge on Clinique foundation, and some department store perfumes, but that’s it. And, I don’t wear either of those every day. All my basics come from the drugstore! I might have to try that cover up stick and mascara, I haven’t really discovered my favorite products yet.Thanks for sharing this post.