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Makeup Wars: Our Holiday Wishlists

Nothing to Disclose

All I Want for Christmas!

Today for Makeup Wars we’re sharing our Holiday Wish Lists. I have to confess, I was putting things on a wish list yesterday for my family to see, and I realize there isn’t really anything that I need. I have a lot of stuff. I’d love to have more time with my family (the family vacation I’m planning for this spring will be great for that). I’d love to ensure that my entire family is healthy this year (long story I’m not sharing, but that isn’t really in the cards for my extended family this year), so I’m praying for a good outcome instead. I have a lot of clothes and accessories on the list for my family, but really it was just stuff that I liked. I currently have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so here’s a peek at what I’m looking at using it on!

1. Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case: I’m a big fan of Urban Decay and I already have the Shattered Face Case. I love the colors in the Anarchy kit as well, I think I need this one!

2. Too Faced Joy to the Girls: I’m also a sucker for anything put out by Too Faced (they’re pretty amazing!), and while I’ve reviewed the Too Faced Holiday Collection, this is one of the few kits I don’t have! There are quite a few more neutral shades in that eye palette that I would love to have.

3. Bobbi Brown Twilight Pink Lip & Eye Palette: Although I love Bobbi Brown, I don’t cover a lot of her stuff on the blog simply because I don’t really have a contact in her company and I’m so overwhelmed with other brands. I forget to head to the counter to check out what’s new, and that’s something I need to fix! The products are always, always so amazing from her! I really love this palette, the colors are just so flattering for almost everyone.

4. Stila Artist Essential Set: I love that the shadow palettes lift out for ease of use, and a few of my other favorites are in this kit (like a Convertible Color, Peony is a great shade for me).

5. Urban Decay Vice 2: I forgot to order this when I ordered my Naked3 palette last week (it’s coming tomorrow!!), and I’m still kicking myself. I should have remembered!

6. Kate Somerville Hollywood’s 2 Minute Facial Kit: I’m a big fan of ExfoliKate, which is yes, pretty expensive. I’ve been out for about 10 months, and I need to get more! This kit is the same price as a 2 ounce tube of it (that tube can last me over a year, not shabby), except it includes a small travel size version too.

7. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Head-to-Toe Hydration Kit: All of my First Aid Beauty essentials in 1 place! I need this to survive winter!

8. Too Faced The Return Of Sexy Eye Shadow Palette: Somehow, I haven’t bought this yet.

What are you wishing for this Holiday Season?

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I’m a doctor, a mommy and a bit of a beauty addict. If you let me, I can take 2 hours to get ready in the morning. Really. I'm on a quest for faster beauty that works!

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  1. 11.25.13

    say yes to the palettes 😉 love your choices, particularly the Bobbi Brown Twilight Palette. gorgeous!

  2. 11.25.13

    I think your wish list just became my wish list… I didn't know some of these existed. That Stila Artist Essential set is making me drool!

  3. 11.25.13

    Awesome List! I think you need the UD Anarchy Face Case as well. It was on my list, but I put it aside since I'm on a nail polish kick rather than an eyeshadow kick right now. LOL

  4. 11.25.13

    That Stila kit is a must have – especially for you!! I had the UD face case and returned it. The shadow was a little wonky for my test- too dry.

  5. 11.25.13

    I've been debating the Vice 2 palette for weeks. I'm still on the fence. But I'm so sad that I missed out on Naked 3 the first time around. I hope it's back in stock soon.

  6. 11.25.13

    Mt wish list – world peace, no pr samples and affiliate links

  7. 11.25.13

    I love your list. I need that Kate Somerville kit, and I think the FAB kit too! Happy Holidays!

  8. 11.25.13

    OMG A set of ExfoliKate?! I just bought one not too long ago but I may pick this up anyway. I use it once or twice a week!

  9. 11.25.13

    I think I might send my husband this list too!

  10. 11.26.13
    Jess said:

    OMG!!! These palettes are all so pretty. I can't choose the best one for me. I will def include them in my wishlist and hope that somebody will grant it. If I were to choose, maybe i would pick the Bobbi Brown one.

  11. 11.26.13

    Great palette choices! I have to admit that I have been eyeballing that Joy to the GIRLS palette! FAB has such great palettes so that kit is sure to be awesome!

  12. 11.26.13

    I have heard that the TF palette is amazing!!! I love the formulation of their shadows. That Stila kit looks nice, too! 🙂 Hope you have an amazing Holiday Christine! xo

  13. 11.26.13

    This list is too terrific. I love your palette choices. I didn't know about that Stila set before. I think I missed their F&F event though.

  14. 11.26.13

    I'd really that First Aid Beauty kit and yes, I probably need the UD Anarchy Shattered Palette too–I love the shattered one.

  15. 11.26.13
    Bailey B said:

    The entire Too Faced Holiday Collection looked like a winner this year – I should have had some of it on my list! It's not too late I suppose, but I think my list has grown by 10 more products after seeing everyone's.

  16. 11.26.13
    B said:

    Now why don't I have TF's Joy to the Girls? How gorgeous! And let me know how you feel about UD #3. I'm still on the fence.

  17. 11.27.13

    I can tell by this list you must be an eyeshadow and skincare girl!

  18. 11.30.13

    I am officially cray cray over that Bobbi Brown palette! Wow wow wow. I should also add ExfoliKate to my own list. Happy holidays!