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Maskcara Eyeshadow Review and Swatch

Maskcara Eye Shadow Review and Swatch Pictures

A few weeks ago, there was yet another big release from Maskcara, and I haven’t shared their last one yet! Expect my thoughts on their new brushes and face products later this week. In the meantime, I couldn’t wait to share the new Maskcara eye shadows, so you’ll hear about them first.

Because these shadows are amazing. Absolutely amazing and fantastic. I bought them all, and you’ll want them too. And I have no idea which ones you should get, because I can’t really decide which ones are must haves (except for Finn and Stardust, those 2 are definitely on the list).

Maskcara Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

I’ve laid the shadows out as you see them on the Custom Shadow Palette Builder page on the Maskcara Beauty website. Some of the shadows do look a little different than on their site, but I think my picture is pretty accurate in comparing it to the shadows in person. (Note that my Gilded did arrive damaged, despite a huge amount of padding within the package, I’m planning to repurchase when I buy a few other items. I haven’t reached out to Maskcara about it at all, because, well, I’ve been crazy busy!)

There are a lot of mattes in this collection, and I would consider the non-matte shades to be more of a satin finish with a touch of shimmer. Stardust and Sabrina have the most shimmer, and they are not all SHIMMER IS HERE like some other brands. It’s a more subtle, very pretty shimmer.

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I’ve swatched the shadows on to my arm over a shadow primer, and the pictures are all in indirect sunlight. You can see that while a few of the shades looked pretty similar in the pan, they are a bit different when swatched (and also on the eye) such as Bubba and Basic. As well, there are a lot of nuances in Emerald City and Finn that you wouldn’t guess from the pan picture.

When swatching the shadows are a bit powdery, but I use a q-tip. In actual practice, with brushes, they are not at all powdery, they’re a bit more velvety. Every shade is very well pigmented, blends well, and lasts all day without issues. I always use a shadow primer (usually the NYX Shadow Base because it covers up the visible blood vessels on my lids), so I can’t comment on wear time without a primer.

Maskcara Eye Shadow Review and Swatch Pictures

You can buy the shadows individually or in a palette. When purchased individually, you can see in the very first picture that the little metal pans have metal lids on them that slide on and off, kind of like those lip glosses you used in Junior High. I find the lids a bit difficult to navigate, and I have a hard time getting them off of the shadows without the lid digging into the shadow (you can see a few dings in my shadows, that was me trying to get the lids off).

So, I really recommend buying a palette! You’ll get a better deal as well. The shadows fit into the same metallic palettes that Maskcara uses for their face products. I didn’t realize until I was placing my shadows into the palettes that they aren’t perfectly square, so you do need to be a little careful how you put them into the palette. Again, ignore how they look a little powdery here, that’s because I had just used q-tips for swatching. In actual use the shadows aren’t powdery.

Maskcara Eye Shadow Review and Swatch Pictures

I took a quick iPhone selfie one day that I had used Maskcara products. On my face I have highlight in Moonlit, a little contour in Walnut, blush in Pink Grapefruit.

Maskcara Eye Shadow Review and Swatch Pictures

My pictures were all a little blurry, but you can get the general idea! I have Finn on my mobile lid, with a bit of Bubba blended into the crease. Sabrina is on my brow bone as well. I have on black liner (probably from Clarins, I’ve been using that a lot lately) and Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara on, which I’ve been obsessed with this summer because I can swim in it and it still looks perfect later on.

Have you tried out the new Maskcara eye shadows yet? I’d love to know what color combinations you love!

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