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Makeup 101: Application Order

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Makeup 101: Application Order

For the last few days we’ve been going over Makeup 101, my recommendations for a beginner’s makeup kit. On day 1 we went over face products, day 2 was color makeup. Today I thought we should actually talk about what order I apply everything, because it isn’t in the order that I showed the products!

Makeup 101: Application Order
You can see from the flow chart, I start with deciding how much coverage I need that day. Am I going to be wearing BB Cream or a full face of makeup with foundation? I prep my skin first, and while the moisturizer or BB Cream sinks in I do wait a few minutes.

Next, I start applying my eye makeup. I apply this before working on my face because I’m great at getting shadow to drop onto my cheeks. Even when I’m not using super powdery shadow. Yes, I’m that good. So, I can easily wipe off the fall out and then move on to the rest of my face.

Do you apply your makeup like this? What do you do differently?

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