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Make Up For Ever’s Ultimate Liner Set: The Perfect Liner Set!

I’ve oogled this set in Sephora in previous years. Was it worth it? Does a girl really need that much eye liner? (Answer: Yes, you need more. I *might* have a bit of an eye liner obsession.)

I’m not sure that I’ve previously mentioned Make Up For Ever’s eye liners on here, other than using them in quite a few looks. When I was sent a set for review, I fully admit that I may have squealed gleefully, run to take pics and then put them in their own little organizer shrine on my vanity. (True.)

The Ultimate Liner Set is out now, and if you’re an eye liner lover like me, you really should run out and grab one. While it seems pricy at $160, it really is a steal because the liners are valued at $277! These aren’t crazy colors either, they include the basics that everyone needs, a few fun colors to expand your horizons (that emerald green that Pantone is pushing right now is in there too), and the formulas are ahmaazing.

The kit includes a nice sharpener too, but obviously I’ve swatched the liners here and have some details on the formulas.

Khol Liner is the basic liner that everyone needs. This is a pretty good one, it isn’t too soft or too hard. It’s that nice in between that glides on to your lash line and smudges pretty easily before it sets up. It isn’t water resistant, so it removes pretty easily at night. I like to use it on my upper lash line, though I avoid it for my lower lash line. I tend to sometimes have watery eyes, and if I rub at all this will smear (there’s that waterproof thing coming in to play). I use the next liner for my lower lash line.

Colors included:
1K: Deep Black
4K: Deep Green (you need this for the spring!)
9K: Matte Warm Brown

The set includes a lot more Aqua Eyes. This is really the best formula that MUFE makes. It is a bit softer than the Khol liner, and the color is a bit more intense for me. You really need to smudge this one right away, once it sets up it really isn’t moving. I love this for my lower lash line and it is perfect for any “moist” situations (crying at a wedding…. swimming in a pool…) you get the picture. It really is waterproof.

Colors included:
0L: Mat Black, black
2L: Pearly Brown, golden brown sheen
3L: Iridescent Navy Blue, navy blue sheen
5L: Bronze Green, golden olive sheen
11L: Purple, metallic purple
12L: Blue With Green Highlights, metallic teal blue
23L: Champagne, metallic pink champagne (perfect for highlighting the inner eye)

Aqua Liner is the one I haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet. This is a classic liquid liner. It looks like a fat pen on the outside, but when you unscrew the wand you’ll find a thin foam brush. The liner formula is a bit thinner than some other liners, so it does take practice. I can *mostly* get it right, but I admit that I’ve been lazy and not using liquid liner for the last few months, so I’m only about 95% there. I’ll make my liner perfect soon!

Once you have the liner on, it really is beautiful. The shades are deep and rich. The shimmer does show up on your lash line. And it lasts for forever.

Colors included:
4: Diamond Lagoon Green, sparkling blue green
7: Diamond Black Purple, deep violet sheen
13: Mat Black, matte black
15: Iridescent Anthracite, gunmetal gray

Make Up For Ever

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