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MAC’s All About Nude Look In a Box Review and Swatches

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MAC All About Nude Look In a Box Review and Swatches
When I shared my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Picks, I pointed out this set as an amazing steal, and I was pretty focused on the eye shadow trio. Ohhh…. look at it closely….

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MAC All About Nude Look In a Box
The MAC All About Nude Look In a Box is currently sold out on-line, but you might get lucky and find it in stores. So, I’m posting my pictures of it anyways!

Included in this box set are a few nude lippies, a basic black liner, and an anything but basic eye shadow trio!
• Lipstick in Soft Savour (luster finish)
• Lipglass in Feeling Fine (frost finish)
• Veluxe Pearlfusion Eyeshadow in Cool Companions
• Technakohl Liner in Graphblack

MAC All About Nude Look In a Box
You can see that the lippie is a bit on the pink side of nude (which is always more flattering for me), the gloss is mostly clear but has very pretty shimmer (it’s perfect for layering over pretty much any lipstick), and the shadows. OMG…. the shadows. I was mostly interested in the middle greenish color. It’s not exactly green. It’s kind of an army green/gold/khaki color. I knew when I swatched it that I was reminded of something…

All About Nude Look In a Box compared to Lancome Erika F
It’s a little more green and khaki, with less grey, but it is pretty similar to Lancome’s famed Erika F shadow. Both have very similar shimmer, which you need to see in person. Erika F isn’t available here in the US (apparently some of the pigments aren’t FDA approved), and when I was in Paris about 5 years ago I spent the entire trip looking for this shadow at every Lancome counter. I finally found it at the airport on the way home, so I bought two! It’s a shadow I only pull out on “special” days, and I love that this is a very similar shade.

I haven’t tried these products in a look yet, but I wanted to share them before there was no hope of finding it in stores. Snag one if you see it!

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