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Living Proof Hold Hairspray: Hairspray to Survive Seattle

living proof hair spray reviewLately I’ve been curling my hair quite a bit. Big bouncy curls, ones that seem to last all day with the aid of volumizing products and hair spray. But, once it starts raining the curls have deflated, turning my hair into flat, sad looking waves with the gross feel of too much product.

So, when Living Proof came out with a new hairspray, I knew I had to try it. Their anti-frizz technology has definitely made styling my hair into straight styles faster and easier (not to mention made the results much better). Their new hairspray boasts flexible hold and a “humidity-blocking technology PolyfluoroEster” which they say allows hair to move, feel soft and last all day.

It arrived on my doorstep about a week before I had the perfect testing opportunity for a product like this. That’s right, I went to the unofficial capital of rainy weather, and I took my Living Proof Hold Hairspray with me. I went to Seattle.

First off, Seattle is an amazing town. I loved it there. The people are super nice, the city is very clean (minus the large numbers of homeless there), tons of shopping, great food and I haven’t even started to mention how pretty it is there. Despite its reputation, Seattle does actually have more sunny days each year than the town I currently live in, though there is more humidity and rain. During my trip it wasn’t raining non-stop, but I did have to break out my umbrella a few times and it was humid between downpours.

I used it on my entire head one day, and only half the next day in order to test it against no hair spray (though, I admit I had used Shu Uemura Essence Absolue before drying my hair). Both days were a bit rainy and it was definitely a tad humid when it wasn’t raining. I’ve also been using the product here at home for both straight and curly styles.

So, how did it work? Overall I thought it definitely stood up to the humidity (there was a marked difference in the 2 sides of my hair in the Seattle humidity, I had to re-flat iron my head and use the hair spray to go out to dinner!). My hair was not the dreaded “helmet head” and my hair was touchable, but did feel like I had product in it. I didn’t notice that it added any shine to my hair, and it does smell like chemicals. The smell fades, but it takes about 10 minutes. Hair styles definitely lasted all day.

I thought this hair spray lived up to the hype. It definitely didn’t matter that I was in the rain and humidity. My hair was flexible and natural looking, and styles lasted all day. Check it out if you’re in a high humidity area.

living proof hair spray review

Living Proof

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  1. 4.30.10
    Jean said:

    I love their Full thickening cream. This sounds like another must-have!

  2. 4.30.10
    Missy said:

    Where can i buy this product?

  3. 4.30.10
    Christine said:

    Missy- You can find it on their website, I think they've been on QVC or HSN in the past (I'm blanking on which one right now) and they're in pretty much every Sephora as well.