Lippie Love: Clinique Black Honey

Clinique Black Honey, Almost Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Review, Swatch
Last year I was really excited to find Clinique Black Honey Lipgloss. It then lived in my pocket or purse for a good 3 months.

This fall, Clinique has released a little collection inspired by this iconic shade. I was sent a fun sample of the dual ended lippie. This is perfect, now I can carry around both the Almost Lipstick and lipgloss together! I’m wearing them layered in this pic. I haven’t headed out to my local Clinique counter yet, but I’m hoping to get there soon to check out the blush and eye shadow quad.

Clinique’s Black Honey Collection


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  1. September 29, 2011 / 9:51 pm

    I spent a year in London and inquired about this shade from every clinique counter that I went to only to be told that was discontinued! I'm so sad that now that I'm back home where I can't access a clinique counter, that it's available and actually part of a collection!!! Definitely getting my hands on this the next time i travel

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