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Kim Porter Cosmetics: Pretty, Pretty Shadows!

Kim Porter Eye Shadow Review and swatchYou may have noticed that makeup artist Kim Porter has popped up on 15 Minute Beauty quite a bit lately. Kim and I first started talking over Twitter, then over email, and I have to admit, I’m a big fan! I think she has great (and approachable) beauty tips. Plus, she’s just a super nice person.

Kim Porter Eye Shadow Review and swatchRecently she posted a few pictures of new eye shadow shades on her Facebook Page, I couldn’t resist! We emailed back and forth, I decided to put together 15 shadows to fit into a compact (without the usual inset, I had a really hard time paring down to 15 after looking at Kim’s pictures of the shadows. I was emailing her while on vacation in Orlando, and I was so excited that a few days after I got home I’d have these pretty shadows to play with!

(Note, yes, Kim’s shadows are from a private label makeup company, so you can get the same shadows from other brands and they’ll be the same. I can’t find them for less than $20 each on-line, Kim charges $8 each and they are pretty nice. Moving on now.)

I went mostly for pretty neutral colors that I could add in a little color every now and then, but I also couldn’t resist a few fun options like French Navy.

The shadows are pretty pigmented and easy to blend, but only last about 6 hours or so without primer, though that’s pretty normal for me since my lids can get oily. (Really, does anyone skip that step any more? There are so many great ones at every price point.) With primer the colors last all day.

Kim Porter Eye Shadow Review and swatch
Kim Porter Eye Shadow Review and swatch
Kim Porter Eye Shadow Review and swatch
Kim Porter Eye Shadow Review and swatch
Kim Porter Eye Shadow Review and swatch
Kim Porter Eye Shadow Review and swatch
After using the shadows for a few weeks, it’s really hard to pick favorites! Crystal and Champagne Bubbles are great for my inner eye and brow bone. Wine Frost and Cafe Couture are just… beautiful. I love that Purple Night is purple but also, somehow, a bit neutral? How did that happen?

Kim Porter is giving away 2 of the shadows (Crystal and Cafe Couture) over on her blog! Go and enter now!

Kim Porter Cosmetics
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  1. 3.23.13
    Anonymous said:

    That's perfect for the skin tone of filipina. I love it!

  2. 3.23.13

    Thank you for this review! I've been waiting for this ever since you announced you got them. (Again…lucky!) 🙂 Glad you are enjoying them as much as you thought you would! And, I've "chatted" with Kim via Facebook a couple times, and you are right…super nice, very approachable person. And, beyond that, she's SO talented. I have entered her giveaway — fingers crossed!

  3. 3.23.13

    I've been anxious for your review so I could see what to buy. I "need" some lighter shades and your swatches helped.

  4. 3.24.13

    Thanks ladies 🙂 Love it!!

  5. 3.24.13

    Wow all of the swatches are beautiful! Definitely think I'll have to enter her giveaway. Thanks for sharing!