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My New Most Recommended Eye Cream

Super Multi-Corrective Eye Cream and Face Cream

For years, one of my most recommended anti-aging face creams has been the Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Face Cream. I love that it works for all skin types, even if you are sensitive (like me). It pairs particularly well with the Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum at night and the Super Fluid Daily UV Defense SPF 50+ during the day. I’ve often recommended the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado as a companion eye cream, and that’s still my recommendation if you have any eye irritation, it’s really very soothing and hydrating.

If you wanted an eye cream with a bit more anti-aging punch, Kiehl’s has just released Super Multi-Corrective Eye Cream. What’s really great about this eye cream is that it’s meant to treat almost any eye area issue, for any skin type, and it works both day and night. I wanted to share an overview of this product and how it worked for me. I’ll be recommending this as my go-to eye cream, including during pregnancy and nursing!

First, what does it treat and how does it do that?

• Niacinamide: A derivative of Vitamin B3, this will help brighten your eye area by decreasing melanin transfer. It also increases your skin’s production of ceramides, improving barrier function and helping your skin retain moisture.

• Collagen Peptides: These small amino acid combinations trigger your skin to produce more collagen, which over time improves firmness.

eye cream area of application

Where and how do you apply the cream?

Super Multi-Corrective Eye Cream is really meant to be used for the entire eye area. Which means that rather than just applying underneath my eyes, I’ve been really taking advantage of the formulation and applying to all the areas of my eye! This means under my eye, at the outer corner, on my eyelid and even on the brow bone above. I think of it as a E shape (fitting around my eye and brow bone), and I only need to apply a small amount to this area. I use roughly a pea shape, dot it around and then gently massage the cream into my skin. Note, typically I only apply eye cream under my eye and to the outer corner, this is definitely different!

Close up of the Gel Cream Texture

What makes the formula so unique?

This isn’t just a regular eye cream. It’s a gel cream, one of those hybrid forms that allow a lot of flexibility when you’re using it! I love that it sinks in to my skin almost immediately. There’s no greasy residue, just nicely moisturized skin, so it preps my eye area perfectly for makeup.

How has it been working for me?

I always say to allow at least 6-8 weeks of use before you expect to start seeing results from a skincare product, but I think I’m seeing benefits after only 4 weeks! My skin is well hydrated, which makes any little imperfections less obvious. I also think my under eye area is brighter, something I’m looking forward to seeing improve further. My skin is pretty sensitive (I have rosacea) and I haven’t had any irritation. Keep in mind that I’m 44, haven’t had any major (or minor) procedures or injections. Overall, I think my eyes look really great for my age!

Eye area without makeup

This image has been brightened (because why did it look dark despite the bright sunlight??) but otherwise is unaltered.

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This post is a collaboration with Kiehl’s, but the opinions are my own.

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  1. 4.22.22
    Sarah said:

    In your pregnancy-safe post on Kiehls products specifically, you mention this eye cream isn’t pregnancy safe but on this post you’re saying it is. Can you please clarify this? Thank you!

    • 4.23.22
      Christine said:

      That’s the serum. This product isn’t in the Kiehl’s post yet, it’s a new release.

  2. 4.25.22
    Juliana A. said:

    Hello doctor.
    Thanks for this post! Just bought the Super Multi-Corrective Eye Cream, as my official eye cream during my pregnancy.
    Looking forward to use it!

  3. 5.6.22
    Trisha Gonzaga said:

    Hi im using khiel’s retinol skin renewing daily micro dose serum and khiel’s vital skin strengthening super serum aka hya serum im 5 weeks pregnant is it safe to use?