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The Hold Me Bag: My Favorite Makeup Travel Bag

The Hold Me Bag Travel Makeup Kit Review

So, usually when I travel I grab a few random bags from a plastic bin I have in my closet. But I love the Hold Me Bag for makeup. It has a big compartment for all of my makeup and even a great area for all of my pencils and brushes. Everything is neat and organized, I just need to flip it open to have everything there.

I take it with me everywhere I travel.

The Hold Me Bag Middle Sister size comparison

Here you can see 2 of the sizes, original and Middle Sister. The Middle Sister is just a tiny bit smaller, it’s also not quite as deep.

Inside of the Hold Me Makeup Bag

When you compare the Middle Sister to the original Hold Me bag there is a little smaller compartment, but it still zips closed, it still has the little pocket (I put nail polish remover pads there), there’s a removable little thing that you could use to separate out products (I admit I’m still not sure what to do with it). I love that there are still spots for my makeup brushes, just a couple fewer slots. And they’re still protected by a little flap.

The outside is vegan suede. And really, it’s great because you can just wipe it clean with a wet washcloth, which I fully admit that I was a bit too lazy to do before these pics. However, it has been way dirtier, especially that time I may have spilled loose powder all over the bag. A few wipes and it was back to perfect. I love it because it is super durable and I don’t think anything could ruin that fabric. Inside it is a laminated print (mine is the cute bird print you see here, there are lots of options), which means all spills should be super easy to clean up.

Hold Me Travel Bag Review

There are 2 main reasons that I love this bag:
1. They kept it simple with 1 big compartment for your makeup. You can put a lot of stuff in there, but it is all really easy to see and there’s enough space even for a big compact. I love that it is a big flat area and therefore easy to find stuff, not a lot of digging around. I hate travelling with a bag that has too many compartments or is too deep. You have to dig around for too long to find your mascara!

2. That brush area. Seriously, how could you not love it? It has slots for 15 brushes, though I don’t use all of them. With other bags it’s always a debate: To use a different bag for them? Hunt down my travel brush bag (which is too short for many of my faves, and still a separate item), or just throw them in with the makeup and risk it? This is separated from the makeup so my brushes are protected, but super easy to find what I need and they’re right there with the brushes! No losing my brush bag and finding it in a shoe on the last day of vacation… not that it has happened to me before…

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