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Fall Beauty Update with Nordstrom

One of my favorite places to look for beauty products is Nordstrom, simply because they have such a huge collection of products and brands. They seem to always be adding new brands, I’ve found some amazing items just be checking out their new products section! And if I just happen to buy a new shirt when I’m reordering my face wash… well, who can blame me?

This fall, I felt the need to splurge on a few new items, which I admit readers ask me about frequently and I’ve always wanted to try. I found a mascara that adds insane length and volume, the perfect berry lip and even a new go-to face wash.

Nars Climax Extreme Mascara ReviewAlso seen here: New fall mani color in Prune Dramatique, lip stain in Rose Immerge

Mascara Upgrade

I’m a sucker for any mascara that offers both volume and length. I am there for the lashes that look like falsies, but without the hassle. I admit that this is sometimes to my detriment, as the end result can be smudges on the inside of my glasses (thanks in part to my favorite lash serum).

Nars Climax Extreme Mascara Before and After

This is a quick before and after shot of the mascara, it’s also the one I’m wearing in the pictures below. The brush does hold quite a bit of product, I’ve gotten the best results by remembering to wipe the brush with a tissue first, and then carefully applying from the bases to the tips of my lashes. I wiggle a little bit as I sweep the brush, this ensures that I’m coating every little lash with product. If I try to go too quickly or don’t pre-wipe the brush, I end up applying too much mascara and get clumping. This way I apply just the right amount and my lashes look perfect all day long.

Daily Cleanser

I need a new daily cleanser. My all time  favorite was discontinued years ago, and despite years of searching, I haven’t found a new favorite. This gentle, but still lightly exfoliating, face wash from Elemis is a great contender for my new daily facial cleanser. I love that it feels a like a cross between a lotion and a cleanser. It feels like it is actually hydrating my face as it cleans it. My skin doesn’t feel stripped of moisture, and it creates a nice lather when I’m using it. I have another bottle of it already in my Nordstrom cart, ready to go for the next time I place an order.

Perfect Berry Lip for Fall

Perfect Berry Lip for Fall

I love a good lippie (even when I’m mostly hiding it behind a mask), but I refuse to wear a matte. I need to feel like my lips are being hydrated and protected by my lip color, and this limited edition from Cle de Peau offers just the right balance of well pigmented berry tone, feels like I’m wearing a balm, and it has a satin finish. I’ve been using it daily, and I likely need to buy another one before it sells out.

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How have you updated your beauty routine for fall? I would love to know what you’ve splurged on recently!

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