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Fall (Affordable) Beauty Update

Fall Beauty 2021 with Walmart

Whenever the cold weather hits, I always feel an overwhelming urge to suddenly change up all of my makeup. Even when I’m making a conscious decision to hold where I’m at…. my subconscious is like… nope. It is the fall season. Time for cozy outfits, pumpkin scones and all new makeup!

Luckily, this year I was able to be a bit more responsible about my new makeup choices. I purchased all of them from Walmart! They’ve really been amazing the last few years, adding so many new beauty brands to their lineup. I was curious about a lot of them, and ordered so many products that I’ve been recommending over and over… I think they rival many much higher priced products, but obviously are much more affordable. The selection on their website is great, but I’ve also found some of these products at my local store.

1. The Crayon Case Chalk Dust Setting Powder:  Yes, it’s a white setting powder. But it is super fine, and you can’t see it on my skin at all. It does a great job of setting my makeup and keeping oil at bay all day long. A little goes a long way, and this jar of powder is going to last me a long time.

2. Lottie London Shimmer Squad Highlighter Palette: I bought this palette specifically because it reminded me of a prestige highlighter that I’ve been using nonstop… until recently. Because I switched over to the Lottie London. This highlighter quad can be swirled together or you can use each shade individually. They catch the light and add just the right touch, but don’t look like you have glitter on your skin.


travel friendly clay mask

3. Skin Proud Unplug Pore Detox Clay AHA Mask: I know it seems strange, but that tube is a clay face mask. It’s actually super easy to use, similar to a deodorant. Just swipe on the areas you want to mask, and just the right amount is applied. This makes multi-masking super easy, and it’s also travel friendly.

Easy to use eyeliner wing stamp
4. Lottie London Stamp Liner Wing Edition Eyeliner: Ok, I can not create a liner wing to save my life. Here are the pictures I took about… 30  minutes after my Walmart box arrived. (You can see I didn’t prepare myself really for pictures, as it’s red around my nose, because I’d been in a mask most of the day at work.)  I lined my upper lid with one end of the liner, then flipped to the stamp end, closed my eye and pushed gently against my skin. This look about 20 seconds, and it would have been less if I had been more decisive about where to stamp my wing!

It looks perfect in real life, the liner is well pigmented and lasted for hours. I will actually be able to wear winged liner now, and you know I’ll be buying another one for my daughter to use for her dance competition makeup.

5. Lottie London Wing Woman Felt Tip Eyeliner: I bought this liner because I didn’t notice that the stamp liner has a regular liner tip at the other end. (Pro tip, it does, and it’s thin enough to use to line the rest of your lash line.)  This one is a little bit longer and thinner. I’m still experimenting with it, but it is much easier to create a wing with this liner than many others that I’ve tried. It is also perfect for tightlining.

super long lasting lip stain

6. Uoma By Sharon C, It’s Complicated Lip Tint + Oil + Gloss in Peng
I can’t stop myself from buying brightly colored lippies! Lipstick, lipliner, gloss, and stains… you name it and I want it. I think it’s a reaction to covering my mouth constantly with a mask. But, that mask makes wearing all of my bright new lip products much more complicated. Luckily, this product can solve that! It goes on like a gloss, and while it feels a little sticky for a few minutes, it’s worth it. It basically transforms and feels like a hydrating balm, but it stains your lips and doesn’t move! It lasts a decent part of the day, despite eating, drinking and masking. When it fades, it just lightens in a pretty way (not at all patchy). I bought Peng, a bright pink that will work for pretty much any skin tone.


What new products have you picked up recently for a fall beauty revamp?

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  1. 10.27.21
    Jessica said:

    So intrigued by that mask!

    • 10.28.21
      Christine said:

      It’s soooo good! And somehow just swiping it down your nose is easier than using a jar!